Constant state of despair.

This was a really good read. I’m not on the “OMG DIS WAZ AMAZING” boat. It was more like calm “this was pretty good” reaction. I think the reason for that was because everything was not over the top. There was a somber tone throughout the book. Even when Deckard went for the final kill it was calm. Well more like he was calm. “He let Roy Baty fire once: he held his own fire until the laser beam had passed by him as he twisted out of the way.” This stood out to me because even though everything he went though, all the garbage he had to put up through. He was still able to remain calm and get the job done.  I guess the trap that Roy planned did not work on him. I kinda saw this coming, why else would he mention it.

I love how seamless Deckard and Isidor switch places. When they finally came face to face, it was quick and effortless. It made me understand that the person is not the important factor in that equation. Its more whats behind the scene. This was immediately shown when Deckard saw a physical manifestation of Wilbur Mercer. Even after it was discovered Mecersim was all a fake, Deckard slowly became the chicken head. We see Deckard slow fall into madness after finishing his mission still not felling any satisfaction. Or it could be he was having withdrawal since no one was feeling emphatic towards him. His constant attempt to talk to his superiors looking for that “You did good son”. “If I could just talk to Dace, he thought, I’d be alright”(pg. 232) is an indication of this.

Allow me if i can step back for a moment to mention how much of a horrible person Rachael is. When she was first introduced, I immediately had a bad taste in my mouth. When ever tries to swindle you, whats to stop them from doing it again. We are also told that this is not the first time the Rosen Association has done this. They have purposefully gone out on many occasions to stop bounty hunters from continue to hunt. I don’t clearly know what their purpose was but from what I understand Rachael knew the lose andys. Could be she was working together with them, or the Rosen Association just wanted to stop the hunting of their units all together.

What caught me off guard was in the middle of chapter 20 I paused to hop off the train. That whole walk home I felt pointless and sad. It wasn’t until i finished reading the book that I pulled my self out of that. Somehow my mind felt like I was Rick Deckard. Philip K. Dick did an excellent job immersing me into this world making me feel and think how this world works. By starting off with the introduction to this dark world. To even helping my understand that this world is not easy by crating happiness and instantly destroying it. It help me understand that this world is not a pleasant one. The future is not all dandelions and gum drops. Things can get a little scary but somehow there is a silver lining.

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  1. The point you made about Rick becoming a chicken head made something click for me just now. Maybe that is why he had that experience in the desert and Isidore saw mercer as well. When he gets to the desert, its near radiation. We learned early on that chicken heads are unable to leave the planet due to over saturation of radiation.It may not explain why he could see Mercer in the hallway, but being dosed in radiation would put him on Isidore’s level, and maybe you need that amount of radiation to gain that level of merging with Mercer.

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