Notes 2/26/2015

Why the mood organ is so important? (pg 1)

The importance animals play in this story.

  1. Pg 7.

Why does Iran feel empathy towards the andys?

Why does Iran have different attitude towards the end?

Why is the setting so important?

Why is there so much comparison between real and fake animals at the end of pg 12?

Empathy towards animals

Why is the suggestion of buying a cricket or a mouse so offensive?

Comparison on the tv between the andys and slaves pre civil war era

Why the specials of this society are treated the same as andys?

Pg 31 mention of spider.

Comparison between the real and fake

  1. Mood organ
  2. Animals

Last class spoke about themes.

As technology got better we got really good at fabricating fake things. It came out of necessity, for the yearning of things we took for granted. Like animals or interaction.  If the animals are so well made, where it is able to fool people. What is missing? What sticks out that people are still able to tell?

Wouldn’t it just be a conflict between the old and the new?

Real are spontaneous while the fake is programmed to do certain things at certain times.

Andys still do not understand the living. This can be seen when the andys where cutting off the spiders legs trying to understand.

Evolution, natural progression. Neanderthals not existing anymore where modern humans took over.

Foreshadowing, alluding to something later in the story.

Pg. 200, Androids always give up right before they are retired when they know they have no way out.

Andriods – Intelligent, higher than living species.

The will to survive could be a base programing.

Dichotomy (n.) – a division or contrast between two things that are or are represented as being opposed or entirely different.

Juxtapose (v.) – to compare two things side by side.

Main themes – What it means to be human.

Rick Deckards view of androids are just another paycheck, deserve to die.

Andriods lack emotion and empathy.

Calculative person, always think before they act, cold, no emotion.

Sociopath – No emotion but smart.

Association with Intellect – Higher class, able to process information quicker, manipulative, chameleons,

Purpose of wanting to pass as humans. Blend in, better communicate with humans.

Technology vs. Creator.  Created for a purpose, but evolve to overcome it.

False memories could be torture.

False Memories, Does this really exist?

Is these relationships between characters love or lust.

Labeling things as “Others” in the sense that this is something different and I should close my eyes and ignore.

Alienate – to isolate.


Topics after break.

Ending really is depressing.

Everything Deckard does gets shut down.

What is gained and what is lost with the story ended.

Such a boring and cliché ending.

Is mercer really fake?

Buster friendly android, Mercer in hallway

Reality vs psychotic breakdown.

Rick feels rachael feeling empathy towards her copy.

The fact that Racheal “gives up” on. Can we consider that an emotion or awareness?

Roy, Isidore the human is mistreated by the andys he turns into their slave.

What is the significance of ricks “mercer” experience on the mountain. (real vs no real)

The high climax of the story transforming into the ending

Rick says the electric things have lives too (pg 241)

“Fine” Iran said. “I want it to work perfectly. My husband is devoted to it.”

Chapter 16 ricks relation with Rachael

How would life be without the mood organ?

Rick goes to the roof of Rosen Association and see all the animals. He’s jealous of them not care but of greed. Ironically he hates his sheep because it is electric.

How does mercer talks to rick without an empathy box.



Impossible to physically interact with humans. Fallout, emigrated.

Iran more devoted to mercer. Towards the end Deckard bases his actions towards him.

What is Isidors position on mercersim.

Mercer is both life and death while Rick is Death and Isidor is life.

Buster Friendly

Buster Friendly, also android. Exposed Mercer to be fake. All andys someone knew what is happening.

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