You are the chosen one Connie.

So we finally see the true purpose of why Luciente and the gang of misfits are pulling connie from the past. Neat idea, actually has me interested to be honest. But thats assuming I can get though tons of exposition. I think that’s what ultimately makes this book hard. Having to analyze a story that gives you everything in your face, emotions, thoughts, settings. It forces us┬áto dig deeper into it, and makes us pull out things that we dislike instead. Connie put it perfectly, “Dolly, takeoff the shades. I can’t see your expression. It’s like talking to a wall” (210).

Anyways I digress. What I”m going to talk about is probably pulling stuff from thin air but Piercy was directly showing the difference between the past and the present. Probably its something she has been showing all along, but let me explain. Between both timelines the sense of control and where it lies was expressed. With the central conflict with what Barbarosa┬ábelieves is the problem is the technology. “Per” believes its all in the hands of the very few. (189) Something that completely does not bother me. Its a valid argument where we begin to learn why Connie is being pulled from the past. But Connie seems to interject and add that┬áshe does like like him because hes a man. This is probably the most direct the author has been with us in stating that Connie outright dislikes men in power.

Ger dislike in men actually gains validity when Dr. Redding and his gang of doctors come into the picture. I’m not sure if its the way Peircy worded it but they are┬ádepicted as a stern men where the female nurses are semi-afraid of him. “They looked at Valente blankly” (194). They just stared at her as if she was nothing.

Sadly we go into the future we again learn how the men and all their maliciousness have been proven to be invalid and non existent anymore.

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