Poor Connie

As I read the troubles that Connie faces I begin to wonder if the hospital described in the book isn’t to different from an actual mental clinic. “She Had Remained sure that somewhere in what they called a hospital was someone who cared, someone with answers, someone who would tell her what was wrong with her and mold her a better life.” (pg. 186) In older post I felt that the class felt that this story was just dragging the life of this poor woman down but the thing is this is a real problem. Me as the reader begins to feel that her so called future visions of Luciente may simply be an escape protocol to cope with the overall concept that her current life is shit.

The character Dolly is a reflection of hope that connects Connie to reality. As the Continue to describe the life of the hospital I realize that Connie continues to grip onto the thought Dolly will help her. “Skip I can’t pay you back yet. My niece didn’t come Sunday. But she’s coming next weekend.”  I felt sad to know that her only hope was her Pimp abused niece who gt her stuck in the first place and on top of that Her own brother feels he has the right to sign away her freedom to the Ward. I can’t help but feel sorry for this woman again on page 198 as she talks to Alice she hopes that Dolly comes for her soon.  To my surprise Dolly does visit 22 pounds lighter and hopped up on speed to the point that she forgets sentences she just said.

The Control that Connies brother Luis has over her life is a depressing/ painful part of the story.. On Page 214 we find out that Luis is the one that signed Connie into the clinic. Dolly explains that He also has taken her things and placed it into storage and also felt he had the right to throw out some of her things. Prior to this we also find out that it is him who signed her up to be sent to a ward in NYNPI where Dolly says that He recommended the doctors. Connie who is frantically trying to explain how the effects of being in the hospital leaves people like the character Alice. Her pleads are ignored as Dolly in a good mood simply tries to see the bright side as Connie suffers.



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