Steampunk Vs. Cyberpunk

This piece focuses on the visual distinction of the two Sub-genres of science fiction; Cyberpunk and Steampunk. This piece is¬†picture based and also involves the books I will be bringing in for presentation to add more to the overall idea. The Artwork i’m submitting ¬†was suppose to be 3 part but due to a lack of time I only completed 1 and have a sketch out for another. The PowerPoint presentation will be interactive to test the readers knowledge of the differences..

This essay will majorly explore some key differences in style and cultures in today’s society that use these styles. It will also connect information to images provided in the essay.

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The secret ingredient is… Death

So I began the story feeling sorry for Connie as her life was picked away by everyone around her including the doctors, her brother, and ward but now I think she really does need help. The scene where she pours the poison into the coffee in chapter nineteen pretty much ¬†turned her into a villain in my eyes cause now she has the lives of 4 doctors on her hand. To begin with she started all of this by laying her hands on her daughter due to alcohol and anger and then even though justified attacked her nieces pimp. The doctors (although soulless and not very reassuring) were trying to do an operation that was meant to get her out of the mental institute within a month. Something about the way that the doctors talked to Connie pissed me off its as if they were disregarding what she said and rebutting “first we do what we want to you, then you can do what you want to do.” Although the act ¬†of poisoning them was very out of order cause now there dead and someone is a witness to you touching the coffee machine.

Her final vision with Luciente i felt had almost to meaning to the ending beside them saying “Hey its something like Christmas time and our lives are going just swimmingly”. So somewhere along the line the message that she got by the end was that her daughter Angelina is fine and in a better place. I did enjoy how Connie’s hardening into a more unreceptive woman. “She had annealed her mind and she was not a receptive woman. She had hardened.” Although claiming the the poisoning of the doctors was an act of war for the (possibly imaginary) people of Mattapoisett does demonstrate insanity and violent tensions on her behalf.

I feel that this whole ending was on the fault of both parties. In a place where her voices had no meaning and the doctors treated her like a claptrap of course it could drive a person to doing things that that they shouldn’t. On Connie’s part although the people around her were inhuman with their approach to help her she too some degree should have realized that to some degree she brought this all on herself and her decisions all have a consequence. If one can not deal with the consequence the they should not commit the crime and especially if they are hearing voices in there head… a very “fictional’ aspect for this book.

Proposal Project 2

For My project #2 assignment I want to do a study on two sub genres of Science fiction which are Steampunk and Cyberpunk. Although to separate genres in their own aspects they are still easily mixed up and qualified as a whole. So what I majorly would like to do is a survey where I go around City Tech and ask students which they prefer; Steampunk, Cyberpunk, or have no idea what either are. I wanna begin by seeing the preference (or lack of preference) that the student that attend city tech has. My final Hand in survey result will be designed.

I would like to do a piece that shows the difference of both genres. I specifically would do research on the key differences between the two and dray out a poster board sized art piece where both genres would collide. Finally I would hand in a Power point presentation that helps break down the 2 and also explains sub classes with the 2 genres that some may have never heard of such as Dieselpunk.

So in the Long run a Designed student survey, A poster board sized art piece, and a PowerPoint presentation.

Poor Connie

As I read the troubles that Connie faces I begin to wonder if the hospital described in the book isn’t to different from an actual mental clinic. “She Had Remained sure that somewhere in what they called a hospital was someone who cared, someone with answers, someone who would tell her what was wrong with her and mold her a better life.” (pg. 186) In older post I felt that the class felt that this story was just dragging the life of this poor woman down but the thing is this is a real problem. Me as the reader begins to feel that her so called future visions of Luciente may simply be an escape protocol to cope with the overall concept that her current life is shit.

The character Dolly is a reflection of hope that connects Connie to reality. As the Continue to describe the life of the hospital I realize that Connie continues to grip onto the thought Dolly will help her. “Skip I can’t pay you back yet. My niece didn’t come Sunday. But she’s coming next weekend.” ¬†I felt sad to know that her only hope was her Pimp abused niece who gt her stuck in the first place and on top of that Her own brother feels he has the right to sign away her freedom to the Ward. I can’t help but feel sorry for this woman again on page 198 as she talks to Alice she hopes that Dolly comes for her soon. ¬†To my surprise Dolly does visit 22 pounds lighter and hopped up on speed to the point that she forgets sentences she just said.

The Control that Connies brother Luis has over her life is a depressing/ painful part of the story.. On Page 214 we find out that Luis is the one that signed Connie into the clinic. Dolly explains that He also has taken her things and placed it into storage and also felt he had the right to throw out some of her things. Prior to this we also find out that it is him who signed her up to be sent to a ward in NYNPI where Dolly says that He recommended the doctors. Connie who is frantically trying to explain how the effects of being in the hospital leaves people like the character Alice. Her pleads are ignored as Dolly in a good mood simply tries to see the bright side as Connie suffers.



Do Dog Dream of Electrical Houses giving them some Damn food

So this was an interesting piece that had a very well used foreshadowing later within the text. I like the concept of the clockwork house that operated on its own which made me think about the previously inhabitants of said house. I began to feel as if the house was previously inhabited by robots as the house kept on a strict time frame for each event. “The five spots of paint‚ÄĒthe man, the woman, the children, the ball‚ÄĒremained. The rest was a thin charcoaled layer.” (Pg. 1) This specific quote was useful in identifying the previous inhabitants and I personally enjoyed the comical Humor of including the ball as one of the prints in the wall.

I am personally in questioning to why the Dog is alive and why to describe it calming down they used the phrase “biting at its tail, spun in a frenzy, and died.” (Pg 2) in a story where the dog represents the last remaining survivor of the family (I assume as the house recognized the dog) I wonder why the author would use such a strong word to describe it calming down. I am in more surprise to why the clockwork house does not have a specific time to feed the dog who is attempting to claw his way into the kitchen for people food. I was wondering if the family had to manually feed the dog by themselves which I guess is fine as it helps show their not as useless as characters in a providing setting such as in the story “When The Machine Stops”

“if mankind perished utterly;”(pg. 3) So I don’t quite know if all of mankind has been wiped out as the book describes other living creatures such as birds and dogs roaming around but so far by the environment we get an idea that humans may be out of the picture. I do like how the house is kinda acts as a living being who makes choices and even yells as it is on fire. The fire was a very interesting part of the story as the fire also acted as a living creature “which, eaten by fire, started the stove working again,” (pg. 4) this being only one of the scenes where the fire is personified as living as it destroys the house and the house also acting as a living creature fights against it to no avail as its resources has gone dry. The machines fight nature as the humans are away and nature seems to win as machines in this novel require the watchful eyes of humans to keep it stocked.

This Movie Was Created To Break The Fifth Wall Of Dramatic Cinematic Endings!!!

So I can go on talking about the beginning of the movie which all in all evened itself out as what I believe is normal Science fiction movie behavior. Besides the fact that people seem to be able to run around with guns held out shooting at anyone they please without causing a commotion on a crowded street. That and the fact that right after their seems to be a clean up crew ready to clean up the body was just as interesting. But, Forget all that,


So lets get to the¬†Tyrell Corporation where Roy takes the time too kill his creator Dr. Tyrell who view Roy as the Prodigal son of the Nexus 6 and then murder(maybe) Sebastian the human who housed and understood them as he suffers from a disease that cause him to age faster compared to their inability to live past 4 years. Although he can murders these people who help him on his cause for a normal life he allows the blade runner Rick to live. First off He killed his love interest Pris, (who was a complete fluke in the first place) She got him with a sneak attack and began the process of beating him senselessly, she even managed to smash her fist against his ears which should have with her strength leave him unable to retaliate. Yet, after victory is close to being hers she releases him and run away to deliver a finishing blow….. WHAT THE FRUIT LOOPS!?!?!! JUST CHOKE HIM TO DEATH OR SOMETHING!!

So Roy walks in on his dead girlfriend which was in my opinion one of the most interesting well thought out scenes in the movie. For Humans loss of a love one create very powerful emotions of sadness and revenge. For Roy The emotion I felt may have escalated far above that points as now he realized the concept that humans view his kind as monsters and with the loss of what he feels is his love one, he evolved mentally into the beast worth fearing.

I feel that Roy chasing¬†Rick in just his boxers was interesting as it showed that hes was now officially insane which would cause Rick deep fear. But…. what killed me the most… was the part where Roy saves Rick. I understand that he wanted the human too understand what its like to live in fear of being chased by others and help him empathize with Androids but still…. he killed ya girl! I Understand they needed a way to help Rick feel for Rachael but still they made a psychopath go sane… teach a lesson… and die. Oh AND what where the hell did Gaff come from. He magically popped up on a rooftop and began to say crap like “It’s too bad she won’t live. But then again, who does?” like he knew that Rachael was at his place and that he need to love her while she was still operational. The ending was WRONG!!!



Mercer is the true Hero

This final section of the book was more of a Mental battle in the mind of The main protagonist Rick and John. The android Rachael reveals the purpose of the Rosen Coorperation “And we then have¬†the Nexus-7. And when that gets caught we modify it again and eventually the association¬†has a type that can’t be distinguished.” (p.75) This pretty much shows that the main villain of the entire story may actually just be the Rosen Corperation in their attempt to build human replicas.¬†“I’m not alive! You’re not going to bed with a woman. Don’t be¬†disappointed; okay? Have you ever made love to an android before?” (p.77) when I found out that Rachael’s main purpose is to pull out the empathy of bounty hunters towards androids making her retire Bounty hunters I was extremely surprised.¬†“No bounty hunter ever has gone on,” Rachael said. “After being with me. Except one. (p.79)

I feel that Rick natural pride that he demonstrates in many of the other chapters is broken down as he is now put in a position where he doesn’t know if he can do his job due to one night with one android that he said he would marry.

John the character ¬†related to had a terrible breaking point as the religion that connects him to the society that naturally looks down on him is destroyed. Buster Friendly (AN ANDROID!!) shows how Mercism is a sham. To top this off He watches as the two android women are torturing a spider which naturally shows him their lack of care for life. ¬†So I think that Empathy boxes are magic genie lamps as “He opened his fingers. On his hand rested the mutilated spider, but with its snipped-off legs¬†restored.” (p.86) sure in a later chapter I begin to wonder if is just a mechanical animal but still… WOW!

So In Chapter 19 our two main Protagonist finally meet and end up… not really liking each other¬†“Isidore stammered, “I don’t w-w-want to live near you.”” (p.89) I feel he views him as the “crude murderous police dog” that his wife calls him in the beginning of the story for killing creatures who proven some capability to love for his own selfish needs for an living animal.¬†

So yeah Rachael killed Ricks New goat which i feel was a reflection of anger on 3 separate accounts.

1. He like Phil Resch resisted her ability to retire a Bounty Hunter.

2. He was able to kill her twin model Pris even after his claims too her about how he loves her and people who look like her (pretty much he had the balls to shoot Rachael.)

3. He was a Human running around killing Androids so its like a ironic twist as she an android walks up to a living creature and kills it( and to ruin him)

But what surprised me the most was his trip to the Carolina where he climbed an actual mountain but was discouraged as he realized that the true mean of Mercism was to connect society together in a form of physical/mental way. And He found a Frog… Mechanical but you know what Mercer changed the prideful Rick to something new… He turned Rick Into himself. Rick is Mercer.

Whose Who and What’s What?

-Karl Jagdipsingh

I personally felt the pain of the character¬†Isidore. Alone but when the time came trying to establish some form of human interaction with even the most socially disconnected of people. At first I thought¬†Isidore was a creep for listening in on the girls T.V (p.26) but soon realized that with the apartment building so quiet and empty beside both of them of course you would hear a loud T.V. In chapter 7 I felt that he was put in an unfair disadvantage against his boss who not only had apposing opinions on the current religion spokesperson, (Buster Vs. Mercer p. 30) but was angry over his blunder on mistaking a real cat for a fake possibly causing it, its life (p. 31). Forcing him to make a call when he felt uncomfortable with video call¬†was cruel giving me an understanding of his want to start anew with a neighbor (no matter how anti- social) with a fresh slate without being just another “Chickenhead”.

So on to Chapter 8 with our hero Rick who is now on a hunt for someone (or something) named Polokov. I kinda get an idea of Ricks character as he is called by Rachel who is a Nexus 6 (the Androids hes hunting). She attempts to offer her assistance with the issue but I feel it is either a form of fear or pride that he pushed her away. Fear being from the fact that she¬†offered to talk to the other Nexus 6 for him which could easily lead to a form of double cross. I personally believe its Pride since She was an android and as a hunter he did not want it’s help and “You don’t realize how agile¬†an illegal escaped Nexus-6 is, how impossible it’ll be for you.” (p. 36) Hes a trained Bounty Hunter I think he can do it fine which he did.

Rick truly is very prideful as he defeats the Nexus 6¬†Kadalyi-Polokov with his car that gives off “sine waves” which … stopped his fancy gun. He boast about how hes the only one who can defeat the Nexus 6 too his wife whose just being an emo idiot (in my opinion) by dialing herself into depression after he dialed her against it. So now onto the next one, the opera singer Luba Luft who I must say was did good in avoiding the crap out of the questions by pretending not to understand them.(p.41).

So by the end of the reading after finding a android police station and a (possible) android¬†Phil Resch, Rick is stuck in a pickle… Can He have feelings for an Andriod. By this point of the book I realized Iran was Stupid and that the creatures he has been hunting are more human than some humans in the book.

Back in¬†Isidore apartment building hes attempting to connect with this crazy Android girl (who he still doesn’t know is one) I began to wonder about the concept of gender roles of Androids as Roy made Pris followed his orders and felt sadness as¬†¬†Isidore reveals his inability to connect with normal humans thus causing him less stress when he found out what she was.


What Is this!?!!?!

-Karl Jagdipsingh

So first off as I began this reading¬†I got lost in the idea of being able to choose ones mood using a machine. These “Mood Consoles” required codes to set moods that one would feel. I began to ask myself; “do they know all the codes by heart” which I felt was answered (P.2) when Iran was about to explain code “A 481” to Rick who interjected know the code already from frequent use. I noticed talks about buying real sheep rather than the use of electrical ones which i didn’t quite understand until (P.4-5) Rick talk with his neighbor about animals where he was trying to buy the fawn of his neighbors pregnant horse….. which was impregnated with plasma. The neighbor began to talk about how some people have from 1 to 5 pets which I felt was a representation of some form of class system as the person who owned five was the owner of an Algae processing plant. I also noticed when the explain how if a mechanical pet was malfunctioning they would call a repair shop who would masquerade as a pet clinic. This shows that society in itself is quite secretive about what people have…It made me feel like one guy had Ebola and they sent of a normal hospital car as not to cause mass hysteria.

As I read The story I notice “Mercerism” as a recurring thing which they explained as a new form of religion¬†carried out through a Empathy box Connecting the minds and passing the teaching Of Mercer to others. (P.12) “You shall Kill only the Killers” a quote that Rick sits upon helps to show that Religion is not as straight forwardly kinds as Something such as Christianity or Catholicism but a trial of the mind. Rick Sees androids as a greater evil capable of exceeding their master and must be killed.

I personally dint understand Rick Character completely, he states that He wouldn’t really care if other found out he had an electrical animal but still He pushes the fact off attempting to buy a live one and even takes the time to check out the comparison prices of Electrical animals too their live counterpart. It seems that hes mentally stuck on the fact that society expects him to have one while hes slowly losing his want for it. I also didn’t understand emotions he felt towards losing his sheep because they were not presented,. As he saw the Owl and animal believe to be extinct he was quick to ask the owner price which at first was denied to him. Although later he offered the owl in a life Threatening situation (P.23) where if he were to die the owl would return to the owner ( he believes they will try to murder him) which he declines showing that although he seems desperate for an animal its not worth his life.

Around the End of the story we Find out The owl is fake and also the cleverness of Rick as a simple question about his suitcase reveals An android in front of his face. But as the last Sentences (P.24) “Assuming he made it through alive” shows a sense of worry about how his future with dealing with the Human like Androids will be.