What Is this!?!!?!

-Karl Jagdipsingh

So first off as I began this reading I got lost in the idea of being able to choose ones mood using a machine. These “Mood Consoles” required codes to set moods that one would feel. I began to ask myself; “do they know all the codes by heart” which I felt was answered (P.2) when Iran was about to explain code “A 481” to Rick who interjected know the code already from frequent use. I noticed talks about buying real sheep rather than the use of electrical ones which i didn’t quite understand until (P.4-5) Rick talk with his neighbor about animals where he was trying to buy the fawn of his neighbors pregnant horse….. which was impregnated with plasma. The neighbor began to talk about how some people have from 1 to 5 pets which I felt was a representation of some form of class system as the person who owned five was the owner of an Algae processing plant. I also noticed when the explain how if a mechanical pet was malfunctioning they would call a repair shop who would masquerade as a pet clinic. This shows that society in itself is quite secretive about what people have…It made me feel like one guy had Ebola and they sent of a normal hospital car as not to cause mass hysteria.

As I read The story I notice “Mercerism” as a recurring thing which they explained as a new form of religion carried out through a Empathy box Connecting the minds and passing the teaching Of Mercer to others. (P.12) “You shall Kill only the Killers” a quote that Rick sits upon helps to show that Religion is not as straight forwardly kinds as Something such as Christianity or Catholicism but a trial of the mind. Rick Sees androids as a greater evil capable of exceeding their master and must be killed.

I personally dint understand Rick Character completely, he states that He wouldn’t really care if other found out he had an electrical animal but still He pushes the fact off attempting to buy a live one and even takes the time to check out the comparison prices of Electrical animals too their live counterpart. It seems that hes mentally stuck on the fact that society expects him to have one while hes slowly losing his want for it. I also didn’t understand emotions he felt towards losing his sheep because they were not presented,. As he saw the Owl and animal believe to be extinct he was quick to ask the owner price which at first was denied to him. Although later he offered the owl in a life Threatening situation (P.23) where if he were to die the owl would return to the owner ( he believes they will try to murder him) which he declines showing that although he seems desperate for an animal its not worth his life.

Around the End of the story we Find out The owl is fake and also the cleverness of Rick as a simple question about his suitcase reveals An android in front of his face. But as the last Sentences (P.24) “Assuming he made it through alive” shows a sense of worry about how his future with dealing with the Human like Androids will be.


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