The secret ingredient is… Death

So I began the story feeling sorry for Connie as her life was picked away by everyone around her including the doctors, her brother, and ward but now I think she really does need help. The scene where she pours the poison into the coffee in chapter nineteen pretty much  turned her into a villain in my eyes cause now she has the lives of 4 doctors on her hand. To begin with she started all of this by laying her hands on her daughter due to alcohol and anger and then even though justified attacked her nieces pimp. The doctors (although soulless and not very reassuring) were trying to do an operation that was meant to get her out of the mental institute within a month. Something about the way that the doctors talked to Connie pissed me off its as if they were disregarding what she said and rebutting “first we do what we want to you, then you can do what you want to do.” Although the act  of poisoning them was very out of order cause now there dead and someone is a witness to you touching the coffee machine.

Her final vision with Luciente i felt had almost to meaning to the ending beside them saying “Hey its something like Christmas time and our lives are going just swimmingly”. So somewhere along the line the message that she got by the end was that her daughter Angelina is fine and in a better place. I did enjoy how Connie’s hardening into a more unreceptive woman. “She had annealed her mind and she was not a receptive woman. She had hardened.” Although claiming the the poisoning of the doctors was an act of war for the (possibly imaginary) people of Mattapoisett does demonstrate insanity and violent tensions on her behalf.

I feel that this whole ending was on the fault of both parties. In a place where her voices had no meaning and the doctors treated her like a claptrap of course it could drive a person to doing things that that they shouldn’t. On Connie’s part although the people around her were inhuman with their approach to help her she too some degree should have realized that to some degree she brought this all on herself and her decisions all have a consequence. If one can not deal with the consequence the they should not commit the crime and especially if they are hearing voices in there head… a very “fictional’ aspect for this book.

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