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For My project #2 assignment I want to do a study on two sub genres of Science fiction which are Steampunk and Cyberpunk. Although to separate genres in their own aspects they are still easily mixed up and qualified as a whole. So what I majorly would like to do is a survey where I go around City Tech and ask students which they prefer; Steampunk, Cyberpunk, or have no idea what either are. I wanna begin by seeing the preference (or lack of preference) that the student that attend city tech has. My final Hand in survey result will be designed.

I would like to do a piece that shows the difference of both genres. I specifically would do research on the key differences between the two and dray out a poster board sized art piece where both genres would collide. Finally I would hand in a Power point presentation that helps break down the 2 and also explains sub classes with the 2 genres that some may have never heard of such as Dieselpunk.

So in the Long run a Designed student survey, A poster board sized art piece, and a PowerPoint presentation.

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  1. Karl, as we discussed together, this is an interesting project, but since it has lot of different components (survey, survey responses, research into the genres, visual representation of the differences), it is important to focus the proposal / project a bit more. What kind of “differences” between the two (sub)genres will you be focusing on?

    As you know, your project needs to include a write-up (that incorporates research): what will this be in your project?

    Also, if you are going to survey students, given the time-frame for the final draft, it will be important to design the survey and start getting responses ASAP. I’d be happy to look at a draft of your survey before you distribute it (perhaps in my office hour this Thursday?), to make sure you’re heading in the right direction.

    • Yes so I would be disguising the major difference in color tone, style, and technological differences between the two. I can begin surveying kids immediately and also instead of a PowerPoint presentation I can do the write-up on the style/ technological/ history of the two. Also yes I would be able to make it in for office hours this Thursday Thank you.

  2. Glad to discuss this further in my office hours on Thursday. Please do bring a draft of the survey so we can look at it together then and make any necessary revisions.

    (Also, the “presentation” is a major component of this assignment, so everyone will be doing both that and the write-up).

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