Whose Who and What’s What?

-Karl Jagdipsingh

I personally felt the pain of the character¬†Isidore. Alone but when the time came trying to establish some form of human interaction with even the most socially disconnected of people. At first I thought¬†Isidore was a creep for listening in on the girls T.V (p.26) but soon realized that with the apartment building so quiet and empty beside both of them of course you would hear a loud T.V. In chapter 7 I felt that he was put in an unfair disadvantage against his boss who not only had apposing opinions on the current religion spokesperson, (Buster Vs. Mercer p. 30) but was angry over his blunder on mistaking a real cat for a fake possibly causing it, its life (p. 31). Forcing him to make a call when he felt uncomfortable with video call¬†was cruel giving me an understanding of his want to start anew with a neighbor (no matter how anti- social) with a fresh slate without being just another “Chickenhead”.

So on to Chapter 8 with our hero Rick who is now on a hunt for someone (or something) named Polokov. I kinda get an idea of Ricks character as he is called by Rachel who is a Nexus 6 (the Androids hes hunting). She attempts to offer her assistance with the issue but I feel it is either a form of fear or pride that he pushed her away. Fear being from the fact that she¬†offered to talk to the other Nexus 6 for him which could easily lead to a form of double cross. I personally believe its Pride since She was an android and as a hunter he did not want it’s help and “You don’t realize how agile¬†an illegal escaped Nexus-6 is, how impossible it’ll be for you.” (p. 36) Hes a trained Bounty Hunter I think he can do it fine which he did.

Rick truly is very prideful as he defeats the Nexus 6¬†Kadalyi-Polokov with his car that gives off “sine waves” which … stopped his fancy gun. He boast about how hes the only one who can defeat the Nexus 6 too his wife whose just being an emo idiot (in my opinion) by dialing herself into depression after he dialed her against it. So now onto the next one, the opera singer Luba Luft who I must say was did good in avoiding the crap out of the questions by pretending not to understand them.(p.41).

So by the end of the reading after finding a android police station and a (possible) android¬†Phil Resch, Rick is stuck in a pickle… Can He have feelings for an Andriod. By this point of the book I realized Iran was Stupid and that the creatures he has been hunting are more human than some humans in the book.

Back in¬†Isidore apartment building hes attempting to connect with this crazy Android girl (who he still doesn’t know is one) I began to wonder about the concept of gender roles of Androids as Roy made Pris followed his orders and felt sadness as¬†¬†Isidore reveals his inability to connect with normal humans thus causing him less stress when he found out what she was.


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