This Movie Was Created To Break The Fifth Wall Of Dramatic Cinematic Endings!!!

So I can go on talking about the beginning of the movie which all in all evened itself out as what I believe is normal Science fiction movie behavior. Besides the fact that people seem to be able to run around with guns held out shooting at anyone they please without causing a commotion on a crowded street. That and the fact that right after their seems to be a clean up crew ready to clean up the body was just as interesting. But, Forget all that,


So lets get to the Tyrell Corporation where Roy takes the time too kill his creator Dr. Tyrell who view Roy as the Prodigal son of the Nexus 6 and then murder(maybe) Sebastian the human who housed and understood them as he suffers from a disease that cause him to age faster compared to their inability to live past 4 years. Although he can murders these people who help him on his cause for a normal life he allows the blade runner Rick to live. First off He killed his love interest Pris, (who was a complete fluke in the first place) She got him with a sneak attack and began the process of beating him senselessly, she even managed to smash her fist against his ears which should have with her strength leave him unable to retaliate. Yet, after victory is close to being hers she releases him and run away to deliver a finishing blow….. WHAT THE FRUIT LOOPS!?!?!! JUST CHOKE HIM TO DEATH OR SOMETHING!!

So Roy walks in on his dead girlfriend which was in my opinion one of the most interesting well thought out scenes in the movie. For Humans loss of a love one create very powerful emotions of sadness and revenge. For Roy The emotion I felt may have escalated far above that points as now he realized the concept that humans view his kind as monsters and with the loss of what he feels is his love one, he evolved mentally into the beast worth fearing.

I feel that Roy chasing Rick in just his boxers was interesting as it showed that hes was now officially insane which would cause Rick deep fear. But…. what killed me the most… was the part where Roy saves Rick. I understand that he wanted the human too understand what its like to live in fear of being chased by others and help him empathize with Androids but still…. he killed ya girl! I Understand they needed a way to help Rick feel for Rachael but still they made a psychopath go sane… teach a lesson… and die. Oh AND what where the hell did Gaff come from. He magically popped up on a rooftop and began to say crap like “It’s too bad she won’t live. But then again, who does?” like he knew that Rachael was at his place and that he need to love her while she was still operational. The ending was WRONG!!!



4 thoughts on “This Movie Was Created To Break The Fifth Wall Of Dramatic Cinematic Endings!!!

  1. I’m also wondering about Gaff and his role at the end. Remember, he’s the one making those origami figures throughout the movie and then at the end Rick randomly steps on a unicorn origami (which Rick had dreamt about not that long ago). Is Gaff more important than we think, what does he know that we don’t know? I need answers!!

    • Donovan, really important question about the significance of Gaff, the origami unicorn, & its relationship to the unicorn dream (which is not the same in each version of this movie)! Please bring this up in class tomorrow, & we’ll all discuss, and get at some answers (or at least thoughts!) for you 🙂

  2. If you look at the scene right before the closeup of Deckard, you see a car coming up from the background, thats how Gaff got there. I loved Gaff, i totally forgot that that was Edward James Olmos!

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