Steam powered world.

After bouncing though with many ideas i decided to go with creating a world where the advancement of technology continued with steam. How would it differ from current technology? How would society change? Would the most basic things we take for granted change minimally or drastically.

Sources would be scarce since Steampunk is a genre of science fiction that is rarely explored. This is mostly due to not really having fancy FUTURE tech. That being said the sources are out there. One film is wild wild west with Will Smith. One question that could be explored is the reason why steampunk is not that popular.

It will mostly come into fruition as a basic research paper. But the presentation is still up for debate. It will somehow include video to show examples. I was thinking of doing something like Cosmos by Neil Degrasse Tyson guiding you though these worlds.

5 thoughts on “Steam powered world.

  1. Randy, this is an interesting topic (though seems to be quite different from the few other ideas we discussed together), but it needs some focusing / development for me to get a better sense of the specifics of the project. It seems like the initial questions (about how a steam-powered society would be different than ours, etc.) seem less productive / useful for this particular assignment than the ones in paragraph 2, about why “steampunk” is less widely popular–if it, in fact, is so–than other areas of SF, the importance of “fancy FUTURE tech” to the appeal of the genre, etc.

    Please revise and create a new proposal that is more focused / developed.

    • Kinda confused on what exactly you mean. Like would it be more productive to talk about technology in steampunk compared to other science fiction subgenres ?

      • I meant that, for the purposes of this assignment, it might be more interesting to consider the “genre” questions you raised rather than to speculate on what our world might be like if it were powered by steam. I’m happy to talk things through more with you during my office hours, if you’d like, but please do post a revised proposal before then so we have some new (more specific) material to look at.

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