I vuz going to do dis early baht it vuz seven hey hem.

I mis-read the chapters then needed to be read and I stopped after chapter 12. So I don’t think I deserve to actually make a reading post, but I wanted to at least get my thoughts out. So this is less formulated and more like jumbled thoughts. Anyways here we go.

I am really enjoying this story. Reminds me of a cop drama. So many double crossings and twists. Has me on the edge of my seat so much I forget to annotate and go back and re read. One re occuring theme I keep seeing is that Dick keeps mentioning how dark and grim this world is. He always mentions how the dust has rotted Isidores mind. On page 79 in the interaction between Isidore and Mr. Sloat, he mentions that the dust from the fallout has affected them both negatively. The only difference it has affected Isidore more in his mind where Mr. Sloat is just losing his sight and eventually his hearing. This shows how even though its possible to live on earth. Everything that remains there will eventually die.

I should probably mention the surprise that Rachelle Rosen has either tuned into an Andy or does not want to be found out (pg 67). I’m more along the lines when she offered to help Deckard she was already in San Fran. She probably has a hidden agenda that she wants to complete. Like she was not happy with the results of the test and she wants to make sure it stays silent. If I was part of a multi-million dollar company, I would want to keep to keep it that way. Also is it a normal thing to not care that you are just wearing pajama pants when you answer the door. I sure as hell wont open the door while in my boxers.

Lastly was the twist that was the Andys working together hunting other Andys. I guess it must be true that the last place anyone would look is the obvious place. But in a turn of events Resch helps you escape by killing Garland, who seems like he was trying to help you. I did not pay much mind to this. If there is one thing this world has taught me is that everyone is fighting for themselves. Later you find out hes not a Andy but a human with weird emotions.

I left off after they killed luba but it was not that interesting. We do find out Deckard may not be suited anymore to be a bounty hunter and begins to doubt himself. This could be the turning climax I think. I haven’t really read more so i am not sure, but everything points this way. He has already killed 2 (witnessed 3) Andys on the list. It wasn’t until he killed the 3rd one, who happened to be female, where he started to feel something. It could be either resentment or he starting to dislike what he is doing. Either way this could be something that could be the downfall of Deckard.

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