Best intro evar!!!

Well thisĀ title for this post is probably misleading. While it was not the best it was cringe worthy. Why not begin a story with domestic violence, prostitution and back ally doctors. In a weird way my interest was peaked. Not because of the events that transpired but mostly was curious where the author was planning on taking this.

Let me preface this by saying i only read the first 2 chapters. Mostly because its spring break and this is not the best book to be reading. The author goes into great detail in explaining the scenes. She does so to the point where she quickly jumps to something else I cant seem to follow what is happening. I’ms forced to flip back and forth between pages to check is I missed something and come to realized that with the over detailed events my mind just grew bored and skimmed certain scenes. One scene in particularĀ is when the back ally doctor comes in with the great pimp Gerardo.

Oh man do I have a lot to say about this bunch. My same feelings about the movie blade runner are coming into play here. Sometimes I grow tired of seeing the same cliche of people. The overzealous pimp that wants to control his “product” (that’s probably the most pg-13 way i could have put that) with flashy rings and the god awful fur coat. Not wanting to have a child with who began as his girl forced to become his prostitute. That being said this actually made me think. This book was written in the late 70’s while now its a cliche that is tad overplayed but back then. Would this have been something revolutionary and new. While someone can write an entire essay on depictions of certain story elements throughout history, its still something to think about.

The doctor on the other hand is just meh. Its your typical back ally doctor just trying to make a quick buck. That being said it does not dis value his nastiness in trying to do this. Its still a valid representation of both of them but its still bothersome to see this. Mostly because its mostly used to demonize men every single time.

The biggest shocker came on page 44 where Luciente was reveled to be a time traveler from the future. When reading the back cover i was expecting Connie to be able to pear into the future like tomorrow land where the pin transports you to that world (a movie I’m super excited to watch). Reading chapter 2 I was beginning to have my doubts to what extent this book was going to go into the science fiction genre. While I aim to completely caught up come the next blog post, I’m hoping the story begins to get more interesting that just a fucked up person living in a fucked up world (Excuse my french).

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