Proposal -Project 2

For Project 2 I have decided I will design my very own Utopian city. My research will include past Utopian city designs and how they would theoretically work if created. My design would be a combination of what I found in my research and ideals that I find important to have in a Utopian City.

I really think she is just crazy or very imaginative

OK so in the chapters we have read so far we now are more into the future and we start to see what is “really” happening to Connie at the mad house. In the future, we learn they count on the machines do most of the work. Yet unlike the other passages, we have read they seem to be able to control the machines better. Even though they count of the machines for the most part they still have a value on doing certain things on their own. Which is what the future should be a well balance of machine and human labor. For me I believe that is one thing they have succeed in compared to the other stories. The idea of teaching children what they will do in once they get older in one way is good because if the child is interested then things will be done a lot better because all that work in that field is an expert. Going back to Connie in the mad house, I am really starting to believe she is just crazy and is imagining the whole thing. There are too many connections to her own life it’s like she is imaging all this to cope with what she has done and with bee and dawn she has seen her lost daughter and her late husband two people she has loved very much and is now seeing them in this new world. I also notice that Connie feels a lot more confident in the future then in her present. We notice this as she talks to people at the mad house her voice is described as weak and thin but in the future, her voice is thick. This is a show of confidence to say someone voice is thick is to say it stands out is takes place and she is heard clearly. In addition, the Fact that she was left alone and she can feel like no one loves her in the future she sees everyone is kind and “loves” her in a way. Which brings me back to the I think she is just crazy. I have had no reason to believe she is really seeing the future and if she is why her out of so many people in the world. Well if she is crazy I think I would like to be that type of crazy. Hey who wouldn’t like to say they have been to the future and if i died believing it  I would be happy. Yet if she is just that bored that she started to imagine  everything hey it seams to be working with her to allow her self to come to an understanding of certain things that have happened in her life.

Crazy Lady or Time Traveler ?

After reading Woman On The Edge of Time, like my peers the first chapter was hard to read and for me, it was not that it was boring it was just the fact the chapter starts with Dolly bleeding because she got beaten by her lover/ pimp Geraldo. Just because she was pregnant with his baby, that really pissed me off. I won’t get into why but the start of the book had me mad so i’m going to just  skip to next part. So Connie is a hispanic female that is struggling to survive the everyday life. Connie is single and has lost her daughter after breaking her  wrist against the door when connie was hungover one night. So basically when we meet Connie she has reached the bottom of her life so far she lost the two things she loved the most Claud the Man she loved and died in prison due to testing the prison was performing and her daughter due to not being able to understand english well and for giving her a beating. We also meet a strange man that is actually a woman that time travels mentally but can be seem to be real to everyone. WHAT???? how can you travel through time mentally but not really be in the past yet be in the past physically to the person in the past? hopefully we will understand a little more on how their time travel works throughout the book. it will either be that or we find out connie is crazy and she never made it out of the madhouse the first time and has been imagining everything after one of her electro shock therapy sessions. Also on page 8 the last paragraph first line ” she lay tied with straps to a bed, staring up at a bare bulb, shot up with meds….she was trapped in her old chicago flat in a fire.” at this point I thought that everything that comes after is just her life flashing before her eyes and she does not really have good memories so she goes out and imagens Luciente as a guide to a better world. a world that i found every similar to the urban planning idea  of Frank LLoyd Wright.frank lloyd wright urban planinghere is an image of his idea, every family gets an acre to themselves. Just as everyone in Luciente time has their very one space to live in and they live out in the open with the animals. compared to the other passages we have read this one is a bit weird but as you can see it has made my mind race with different ideas of what could be going on and reminded me of Frank LLoyd Wrights urban Planning idea from 1932. After visiting that future i cant wait to continue reading now to see if any of my ideas will come true or at least the explanation to what is really going on.

A World With Out Humans

In these three versions of there will come soft rain, I feel like each one is taking part at different times for example the poem “There Will Come Soft Rains” we can see it as a narrator talking to the audience before the war and telling everyone that once its over and the human race dies that nature will not care and will continue its normal ways. we see this through out the poem with the animals doing there normal routine and at the end “And Spring herself, when she woke at dawn, would scarcely know that we were gone” (Teasdale,Sara). While in my opinion the short film by Budet Laskovyi Dozhd was based on the the end of the war. The bomb just went off and killed every living thing. Which is why there bodys of ash are still on there beds ( min 1.25) untouched. While in “August 2026: There Will Come Soft rains” by Ray Bradbury is more of an aftermath of everything, the bodys had been burnt to a crisp and all that remained was a shadow image of what the humans where doing before the blast. Yet in both we see just like the animals in the poem the machine lived on there days like if nothing had happened.
one thing that caught my eye was that in the short film the machine is destroying everything to get the dove, but the only thing that is not fully destroyed is Jesus. Also the dove shows up in a film. Before in “Blade Runner” before Roy dies which gives the idea that now he can be free and in peace. just like in the short film by Budet Laskovyi Dozhd when the dove appears it is the end of the machine in the house. The dove has brought freedom to yet another machine that was a slave to humans.

Blade Runner vs “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?”

OK so i really liked the book better then the movie. I really missed the animals in the movie since they were such a main part of the book. I know they showed the owl, snake and the dove also the origami animals that were being made. The one i did not really understand was the unicorn. I know the book and the movie have the idea of artificial animals but the animals are animals that existed like snakes, owls, doves, but a unicorn in his dream (0:42) if anyone can explain what they were trying to say there please enlighten me.
Also with johns character J.F. in the movie I feel like this makes me understand why he helps them because in the book for the most part its that he is just lonely and now he has “people” to talk to while in the movie he creates his own artificial life forms and he had worked on the Nexis 6 project so its like there his children in a way. and like all parents he wanted to help what he helped bring to the world be come better than what it already was. So he takes Roy to the one that has more knowledge then even he knows (1:22).

Introduction – John Amaya

Hi everyone my name is John Amaya. I am a Architecture Technology Major. I am currently a Project Manager at Scarano Architect PLLC, I have been there for a year and a half. I hope to have my Architectural  License in the next 7 years and open my own Architectural Firm some time after that. I enjoy playing Soccer from time to time. I play the Guitar,Bass and the Drums, well I try I am not to good any of them but i can play a few songs on all of them. over the  winter break I just worked I normally I go out during the summer this summer break I am planing to go to out of the country not sure where yet, but where ever I go I know I’m going to have fun.

When it comes to writing my weakness is not knowing what to write about. As a reader I am a very slow reader and I have never really been a big reader because of it. The first book I actually read was Enders Game. When the movie came out I was very disappointed but what can we do. My background on open lab is that I have used it for two other classes, so I am somewhat familiar on how to use it. For the question of why the class is full of men only. i would have to say we are just more open to it because I know a few women that like SciFi as well but they would admit it to the public. As for why a women is teaching the class I would have to say the class is a english class so its professional and it being SciFi well the Professor will have to like the topic as i said before women like SciFi too.