I really think she is just crazy or very imaginative

OK so in the chapters we have read so far we now are more into the future and we start to see what is “really” happening to Connie at the mad house. In the future, we learn they count on the machines do most of the work. Yet unlike the other passages, we have read they seem to be able to control the machines better. Even though they count of the machines for the most part they still have a value on doing certain things on their own. Which is what the future should be a well balance of machine and human labor. For me I believe that is one thing they have succeed in compared to the other stories. The idea of teaching children what they will do in once they get older in one way is good because if the child is interested then things will be done a lot better because all that work in that field is an expert. Going back to Connie in the mad house, I am really starting to believe she is just crazy and is imagining the whole thing. There are too many connections to her own life it’s like she is imaging all this to cope with what she has done and with bee and dawn she has seen her lost daughter and her late husband two people she has loved very much and is now seeing them in this new world. I also notice that Connie feels a lot more confident in the future then in her present. We notice this as she talks to people at the mad house her voice is described as weak and thin but in the future, her voice is thick. This is a show of confidence to say someone voice is thick is to say it stands out is takes place and she is heard clearly. In addition, the Fact that she was left alone and she can feel like no one loves her in the future she sees everyone is kind and “loves” her in a way. Which brings me back to the I think she is just crazy. I have had no reason to believe she is really seeing the future and if she is why her out of so many people in the world. Well if she is crazy I think I would like to be that type of crazy. Hey who wouldn’t like to say they have been to the future and if i died believing it  I would be happy. Yet if she is just that bored that she started to imagine  everything hey it seams to be working with her to allow her self to come to an understanding of certain things that have happened in her life.

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