Introduction – John Amaya

Hi everyone my name is John Amaya. I am a Architecture Technology Major. I am currently a Project Manager at Scarano Architect PLLC, I have been there for a year and a half. I hope to have my Architectural  License in the next 7 years and open my own Architectural Firm some time after that. I enjoy playing Soccer from time to time. I play the Guitar,Bass and the Drums, well I try I am not to good any of them but i can play a few songs on all of them. over the  winter break I just worked I normally I go out during the summer this summer break I am planing to go to out of the country not sure where yet, but where ever I go I know I’m going to have fun.

When it comes to writing my weakness is not knowing what to write about. As a reader I am a very slow reader and I have never really been a big reader because of it. The first book I actually read was Enders Game. When the movie came out I was very disappointed but what can we do. My background on open lab is that I have used it for two other classes, so I am somewhat familiar on how to use it. For the question of why the class is full of men only. i would have to say we are just more open to it because I know a few women that like SciFi as well but they would admit it to the public. As for why a women is teaching the class I would have to say the class is a english class so its professional and it being SciFi well the Professor will have to like the topic as i said before women like SciFi too.

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  1. Hi John … welcome to the course. I like your career goals … sounds like you really know what you want to do going forward! Looking forward to getting to know more about you as the semester progresses.

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