Blade Runner vs “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?”

OK so i really liked the book better then the movie. I really missed the animals in the movie since they were such a main part of the book. I know they showed the owl, snake and the dove also the origami animals that were being made. The one i did not really understand was the unicorn. I know the book and the movie have the idea of artificial animals but the animals are animals that existed like snakes, owls, doves, but a unicorn in his dream (0:42) if anyone can explain what they were trying to say there please enlighten me.
Also with johns character J.F. in the movie I feel like this makes me understand why he helps them because in the book for the most part its that he is just lonely and now he has “people” to talk to while in the movie he creates his own artificial life forms and he had worked on the Nexis 6 project so its like there his children in a way. and like all parents he wanted to help what he helped bring to the world be come better than what it already was. So he takes Roy to the one that has more knowledge then even he knows (1:22).

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