Reminder: Project #2 Final Drafts due tomorrow (5/14)

Hi everyone:

Just a friendly reminder that the final (graded) drafts of Project #2 are due tomorrow, in the form of an individual post with the abstract as full text, and then three associated files uploaded to the post. Please refer to the Project #2 assignment for submission requirements, and do email me if you have any questions. I also strongly encourage you to review all the separate pages for Project #2 on the different components of the project (and the various class notes discussing project expectations / requirements), before submitting everything.

Material not posted by 2:30pm tomorrow (Th 5/14) will receive no credit. All posts and files are timestamped automatically on OpenLab.

Tomorrow, as you know, we’ll meet at the bookstore and after our tour, have our presentations there. Since you will be uploaded everything to OpenLab before class (each of you is making a post, with your abstract, and all of your files), we’ll have ready through our OpenLab site. Do bring a back-up (on a flashdrive, or in your email) just in case … always a good idea 🙂

Again, these are the people who volunteered to give their presentations tomorrow (in no particular order):

  • Leo
  • Donovan
  • Aaron
  • Jonathan
  • John
  • Danny
  • Zac
Also, we will be having end-of-the-semester celebrations tomorrow (and next Thursday), and the bookstore generously said we could bring in refreshments as long as we are neat and clean up after ourselves (yay!). I will bring in some goodies for the class, and I encourage you to do the same (you should bring enough for 18 people). You can leave a “comment” at the bottom of this post stating what you will bring in (drinks, chips, cookies, etc. … things like paper plates, napkins, cups are good too!), so we don’t overlap too much with what we chose to bring. You don’t “have” to bring anything, but it would be nice if everyone could bring something for either tomorrow or next Thursday’s class.
See you soon!
Professor Belli

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