The Bene Gesserit and Power – Chris Robledo – Project 2

Abstract – Frank Herbert’s Dune Chronicles is an expansive universe that has many themes that are seen in scientific literature. A major theme seen throughout is the theme of control. The Bene Gesserit is a group of women who exert control over others using many techniques. They strong female characters exhibit superhuman like powers and use these abilities to further their goal. Of their many abilities, their “Voice” ability is a very powerful tool in their repertoire The use of Spice as well as “religious engineering” are also used to further their goal which is to create a male equivalent to their order.. This paper will discuss the use of these tools as well as make comparisons to other literary works that also deal with issues of control, and research that supports this idea.


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Power Point:

Videos don’t seem to work with PPT on Openlab, so here are the two shorts linked via YouTube.

The Voice Scene

A Scanner Darkly Scene

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  1. Chris, the post should just contain the abstract (as full text), and then the three other files (Cover Letter, Write-Up, Presentation) uploaded to the post as separate files.

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