Science Fiction Entertainment And Music


The Write-Up attached along with the presentation shows how music or musical scores can change the human mind’s perception of a science fiction film, television show, or video game and how the musical score can amplify the person’s emotions when watching, or interacting with it. Moreover, it shows how someone watching a science fiction entertainment work of art can have different thoughts on major plot points in the story when the music is alongside the motion picture, rather than having it muted. Some examples that are used to support this are from famous and almost famous science fiction shows, films, and games such as, Battlestar: Galactica, Halo: Reach, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and Stargate: Universe. Also, the process of producing these scores are introduced, such as becoming the main character or target character, so it makes it much easier to see the unknown world, but also the fact of how difficult it can get when going through the actual design process. Evidence, such as an interview with professional composer, Joel Goldsmith, son of famous Star Trek composer, Jerry Goldsmith, is also introduced, where he briefly describes the difficulty of it and how bad it can really get.

Something else that is briefly described is the other side of that coin, and how the science fiction genre has influenced music in a way that it also created widely known musical genres, for example, electronic and Dubstep, among others. Along with it is some evidence from a site that had a list of The 15 Greatest Science Fiction-Based Pop/Rock Songs by Sean T. Collins, instead of using this list, what was used was the thorough description that was at the top of the page.

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NOTICE: The power point presentation was to large because videos are included. Instead I’ve uploaded them to my OneDrive and assigned the files to a link above. You should also download the videos too because the PPT will probably not function properly without it.

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