Aarons Abstract

Believe it or not, it is a proven fact that Science Fiction has played a HUGE role in┬ámost of the everyday goods that are present to us. Despite how much we take these things for granted, motivation and determination both come from the inspiration of something. Besides the theory of the big bang theory, nothing just invents itself. We see things that some of us consider to be possible to make but impossible to others. Something inside of us gives us the strength, the will and the confidence to create something innovative. The world is constantly changing as we speak when it comes to new things being invented. Just look at how the world was in 1995 compared to now. Feels like we live in the future. That phone you got in your pocket, inspired by science fiction. The taser’s that our cops are using whether its necessary or not, inspired by science fiction. That’s just some of them.

There have been a bunch of sources, where these geniuses have got there inspiration from. Some of these people got them from books, movies, tv shows and some just from what they see with their own eyes.┬áThe creators of these inventions were all brave enough to try, to accept failure over and over and not afraid to think outside the box. All of these inventions have had a huge affect on our society as a whole. Many people now of days can’t even imagine a world without the internet or their phones. Well, there was a time where people┬ádidn’t have ANY of that. A lot of people say that these inventions have made the world smaller, some say otherwise. Whether or not they’re opinions are valid, it still had an affect on the society. ┬áThere are a bunch of inventions that were inspired by science fiction, not just the internet and phones. ┬áSo there fore, this project will show you the Top 5 Most Cutting Edge/Handy Inventions inspired by Science Fiction AND it’s affect on the world!

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