I have undergone a hand full of projects with the broadcasting production company I am interning with. One segment in particular that I worked on was the show “Stop My Crisis.” I was equipped with footage that was already synchronized with the audio which made it easier to edit. One thing that is very important to understand is that each segment that is edited has its own flow consistency and verbally needs to make sense.

Since I do not work in studio, I only work side-by-side with the creative director. I communicate with him via email and zoom meetings two or three times a week. I believe this project was very successful because I am a quick learner. So, within two weeks I learned everything I needed to, created the edit, color corrected and cleaned up the audio for export. Now, this segment is up for two awards and my name is present in the credits.

One thing that was really difficult was the transferring of project files. We worked with an online hard drive called MyCloud.com but I was having technical difficulties accessing it. So, we decided to send files via email instead. I would have to convert the file format because the creative director worked on an older model of Adobe Premiere. Other than this technical issue, everything went very smoothly.