David Diaz. Me working on my first assignment for my internship.

I got my post-production internship offer the same day the broadcast production company interviewed me. I started my internship that following Monday as a post-production intern after Signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement. A non-disclosure agreement is a contract that needs to be signed by the intern agreeing not to disclose confidential information shared between the intern and the company. Every Monday and Tuesday, I receive a Zoom link from my production manager where they would express what work I will be taking on for the week. The first assignment they had me work on was an assembly for footage that would be aired in 125 countries. Completing this assignment to the best of my ability, the production manager corrected and guided me into a simpler, more effective work flow.

The feedback was highly appreciated because it made a better work flow for everyone to understand. Having an internship is not only about what you produce, it is about taking the advice and making the corrections to build yourself up. Broadcasting production is a fast passed work environment. I am thrilled to have taken Intro to video and Commercial Broadcasting courses prior to getting my internship. Understanding the lingo, understanding what is needed of you and understanding the person you will be shadowing is highly beneficial. If you are unsure of any of those, please don’t hesitate to ask. This is a professional learning experience worth your wild.