1a. In post-production you must treat all videos taken as top-secret files. Footage that we have received after production is considered confidential information. Footage that is not processed or released does not have the right to be posted for any social media. Even if you have pictures from behind-the-scenes production or post production, you do not have the right to post. In Post-Production, we sometimes use b-roll, which is secondary footage to the primary footage, to make the segments more personable. It is ethical obligation, if they do use someone else’s material, to not steal and give them credit where it is due. In between edits, we send a sample clip to the client in order to get their written approval that it is good to go. There are times where clients have concerns and we try take them into consideration when doing the next edit. As stated in Use of Photography, “Any changes in the assignment should be documented in writing.” Broadcast production doesn’t deal with photography as much as it does video but video is a collection of photographs that creates movement. So same rules apply. This is important to note because if this action is not taken, then the client can fight you on the fact that you changed something without their permission. Before I could handle any footage, I needed to sign an NDA.

1b. The first week I had started my Internship, I had to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). The NDA I signed stated all information of the talent, work being produced or the company must be respected and not shared. We must only use the confidential information for business relationships and opportunities with company. This is why when completing my journal entries, I do not release information of the talent we are working with. Any Pictures that I post with information that should not be released is blurred out. I can not commercially exploit the proposed business concepts and plans of the company. I do not have any rights to any confidential information, so all confidential information that is shared with me must be disposed or given back.



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