The Life in a Day Project consisted of a mind map and a story board that later amounted to a short film. My short film showed liquids throughout your day. I came up with this topic because I am always being nagged about eating all meals of the day and keeping hydrated. So I started the mind map with the three times in the day we are suppose to eat. Then I labeled all the drinks that were associated with those times of the day. For example, breakfast can be coffee and juice, which breaks down juice into apple juice and orange juice and cranberry juice etc.

Story Board

Filming short clips that would come together as a short film was my favorite part. The reason it was my favorite part is because I never worked on a video before. This was the most challenging project for me. The story board was a helped dramatically, giving me a starting point and if stuck at any point then I referred back to the story board. I borrowed my friends water proof go pro to shoot the angles that I did along with a regular camera. I chose Bruno mars count on me instrumental because it is a positive rhythm.