This photo depicts communication between two people in a humorous manner with solo cups and string.

Week 5 and I have felt nothing but welcomed! Every week my bosses call me to make sure the internship is going smoothly. They value my opinion as if I have been working with them for years. Recently, the clients, the company and I came to an agreement that the latest shoot will not be used for multiple reasons. This scenario taught me that if there is not enough energy, context and sense within a shoot, then it is okay to schedule a reshoot. Everything that we do on the post production side benefits the look of the client. This is why it is best to understand your client and what they want others to know.

The creative director of the company told me ‘the only way to work successfully with one another is to understand one another’. This statement holds extreme power. If you think of a business without communication, then you will realize something is bound to go wrong. But if the element of communication is strong, then everything produced will be incredible. Even though we are able to create connections with our coworkers, we should still filter what is shared.

Conversing about things you have in common can help productivity. Still keep in mind that what you say and what you do will affect your professional outlook. Do not over share! Share just enough that your coworkers get a sense of who you are.