Interactive pdf

In type one, we created an interactive pdf about a person, show or self. I chose to create an interactive pdf about serious events in my life. This is the introduction page to all the stories (as the stories are listed on the left of the page). I did a photoshoot for the picture and I titled it “Odd One Out” because within my family I haven’t followed the original path that my brother or sister has.

Typographic Grid

In my second semester, I attended Type and Media. In this class, we created a type book that overall covered the basics of typography. This is a typographic outline that I mapped out with boxes and then used Johnny Depp’s, my chosen celebrity, background for text and see what it would actually look like if used in real life.

Paraline Car Drawing

For a toy car, we had to create a paraline drawing. A paraline drawing is a system that helps represent space on a flat surface. I found the paraline drawing to be more challenging because of the only angles that were present for us to use. The outcome, I believe, was successful but could still use some refining.