Me at my desk reflecting on my internship this semester.

Coming into the internship, I truly did not know what to expect. All I kept in mind was this is my opportunity to experience what it is like to do something that makes you happy. Once I started, everything moved very smoothly. I created great relationships with my bosses and creative director. This is good for any job because you want them to know that they can trust you. One thing that helped me greatly is my ability to listen and take notes. Note taking when learning something new in video is a must do! I learned everything I needed to within two weeks which made me an asset to the company because we got double the work done. My favorite part was practicing because you are able to see what you need to improve on. Which, for me, was converting files properly to open in the next program. Intro to Video course and Commercial Broadcasting course gave me a great bases for everything else I have learned.