This is a Duplo system 3000 Dynamic Booklet Maker which connects to a Duplo system 3000 trimmer. This machine stacks all necessary pages in there proper order. After, They are sent for saddle stitching, which is when the staples are located in the center of the all pages. The trimmer, when all the pages are combined together, cuts all the edges at the same time for a straight aligned edge.

One thing I found surprising about the visit to United Federation of Teachers- Print shop was the amount of machinery that it takes to do one job correctly. Another part that I found surprising was when they had told us that before the machine was invented, the job was done by multiple people. When the machine was bought, many jobs were lost and it made 5 times as many copies in the matter of seconds than it did for the team of workers.

A job I have learned about today is a machine that places the folded letters into the envelope.  An arm that suction one of the envelope lifts it as another arm pushes the letter properly into the envelope. It moves down the conveyer belt and a stamp of water licks the flap of the envelope that is clamped shut, flipped over and pushed down the line. I never knew that there was a machine to fold the letters and place them into the envelopes. I also didn’t realize that there was a machine to actually fold the letters into 3s. I like working with hands on jobs. I would love to get a job working in a print shop with any of the machinery.

As a graphic designer, we have to pay attention to sizing and organization of imagery along with placement of text. Sometimes we forget to add bleeds to an image that falls off the page. Also, we should go over our work carefully because if we have found a mistake as production of the item is already going on then the print shop will have to scrap what they have done and start all over again.