Rockaway Surf Shop Branding


Alexis Vega Velez and Daniel Rodriguez

 Client: Rockaway surf shop

Objective: Create a brand identity with merch for Rockaway Surf Shop

Look and feel: chill, vibe, tranquil, mellow, geometric

Audience: people who surf that treat surfing as a way of living/ meditation

Competition: All surf shops on the board walk of far rockaway beach

Strategic Consideration: The branding will give off a tranquil feel by making it symmetrical and telling a story that is different for each person that sees it. This could influence the social media page, photos that are being taken of merch and the merch itself.


Stationary Packet

Branding mockups

8.5” x 11” Advertisements





Honors Convocation Design

This my take on the Honors Convocation booklet.

The concept behind this creation is since we are learning remotely, everyone is located all over the boroughs. Even though we are in different locations, we are still connected to form City Tech.


Book Cover Designs


Two different approaches of a book cover for the sci-fi book “Humans, Gods and Hybrids.” This book is about an agent that is chosen to be the protector of alien hybrid children that want to merge into society.

Interactive pdf

In type one, we created an interactive pdf about a person, show or self. I chose to create an interactive pdf about serious events in my life. This is the introduction page to all the stories (as the stories are listed on the left of the page). I did a photoshoot for the picture and I titled it “Odd One Out” because within my family I haven’t followed the original path that my brother or sister has.

Typographic Grid

In my second semester, I attended Type and Media. In this class, we created a type book that overall covered the basics of typography. This is a typographic outline that I mapped out with boxes and then used Johnny Depp’s, my chosen celebrity, background for text and see what it would actually look like if used in real life.

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