This quote is one of my favorites. It states the facts about the relationship between time and wounds. Time is a bunch of numbers. Yet, we rely on it most of the time. When applying time to wounds, time is irrelevant. No matter how much time we take for anything to heal it never fully does. No matter if it’s the change of your attitude after a breakup or new skin after an accident. Mentally, Emotionally and Physically time cannot help us. Only we can help ourselves.

My first concept, works with the idea of a clock. The hands on the clock go in circular motions passing seconds by. Each second that passes are placed further into the past. Which is the idea behind the quote becoming smaller as it goes back into space. I selected protecting and Wounds to represent the hands of the clock. I also placed the words time and scar tissue in bold to express the importance of the topic.

Concept number two expresses the overwhelming feeling of time. To successfully represent the feeling of being overwhelmed, I used the quote numerous times in different typefaces. Arranging them in a layout that would seem overwhelming but still be visually appealing. The red, capital words are given to show the aggressive feel time puts on anything and everything.

Concept number three, gives a graphic collage created using magazine, watercolor and markers. The collage represents the struggles of many that had “time” to deal with their wounds. The process of healing sometimes means hitting rock bottom. I placed the quote wrapping around the imagery and modifying key words to bring attention to the quote, even when being placed in the center of a strong image.