Saturday February 5th, I applied to every possible internship on Indeed, LinkedIn, Recommended to me, etc. It is a fact that the common fear of coming into internship is the idea that you will not be able to obtain an internship in the time requested and gain 120 hrs. So, I went crazy! I followed up with the internships when I was supposed to and nothing. Not one email back. The thoughts start accumulating: is my resume bad? Is it because I don’t have a cover letter? Did I send a horribly written email? And the list goes on. One thing I think is beneficial when looking for an internship is when you have a possible internship you want to go for check all their platforms. It gives you a feel for who they are, what they do and gives you an idea on what you will possibly doing.

February. 6, 2021 through to February. 13, 2021 was the longest few days of my life. Just when I thought I was going to fail the course, I got replies and set up interviews. Each interview being memorable in their own way. You had some that were super laid back that shared with you what they were doing, so you could understand what you would be doing. Some would tell you what they were doing and the process of how being an intern would be. You had some that wanted you to tell them about who you were and answer any questions that you might have. Overall, you have a wide variety of possible ways your interview would go. My advice to you is to go into the interview with open ears/eyes, get a feel for the atmosphere and adapt to their comfort level.

Alexis Vega Velez. Screenshot of the first time the director of creative services reached out to me and suggested a phone interview.

Just when I thought I was done with interviews for the week, I get a text. The text came from a broadcasting Company I had applied to almost three weeks ago. This last interview is the reason why you shouldn’t settle for the first internship you interview with. Even though it was an over the phone interview, it is still very nerve racking. I just took a deep breath and answered the call. One way to inform the interviewer that you are set for the job is to use language that is associated with the position that you want to obtain. I almost fell over when they told me that they were based in New Jersey. Since COVID made internships strictly remote, I was able to obtain the position even if being remote would limiting the ability to learn the full process of pre-production, production and post-production. It also challenges the way we send files back and forth to the company. Still yet the broadcasting company is giving me the best experience they can and has taught me more in the last four weeks than I have ever learned.