Final Grades are Posted

Photograph of a man's legs next to a jumping dog photographed in mid-jump

Elliot Erwin, Dog Jumping, Paris, France, 1989

Final Grades are posted on Blackboard and should appear on CUNYFirst soon. Congratulations on completing the semester at City Tech, and sharing your thoughts and photographs. This has been a fun learning community and we hope you will continue to get to know one another better as you progress through the HMGT program. Please continue to look and enjoy your well-deserved summer break! Jump for joy!

Chicken Chausseur








Homework #4 Robert Capa Response

In the wake of perusing “Richard Whelan’s exchange of Capa’s photo” I certainly discover his contentions persuading. His utilization of proof and commitment was persuading also. Precisely breaking down his photo, I don’t think his photograph was staged. The man’s body position looks reasonable as his back curve with the effect of the shot into his body. What’s more, the movement of the man’s arm/hand is uncovered by how he is grabbing his weapon. I certainly trust that its realness matters on the grounds that the picture is so genuine. It looks genuine! Subsequently, it wouldn’t be addressed by many. This picture helps me to remember the picture that demonstrated a trooper left in the middle of rocks. Both of the pictures representation precisely what war is extremely about. It was a dead body that had definitely no movement. Then again, Capa’s photo demonstrates the movement as it occurred. He purposely caught the picture at the ideal time and place. The weapon falling and having an effect, all enables the crowd to demonstrate that the picture was not organized. It certainly was a real photo taken in real time. The critics will believe what they want to believe about this photograph.

Culinary: Fish

P. Zimmerman filleting salmon. If you are an expert, you can do it in one clean swipe.

P. Zimmerman cutting away the stomach.

Make sure to remove these pin bones.

Bass that students will be cleaning, preparing, and cooking.

Make sure to score those fish fillets or else they will curl.

Check for browning before flipping the fish fillet.

Finish product on top of sautéed mushrooms and  tomatoes before sauce is poured on.

Making the sauce.

Clam casino

In Baking and Pastry Arts 1 we had the opportunity to make Onion Rolls and  Herbed French Bread for the dining room as well as for ourselves. With only 8 students in class we all hustled and stayed focused to get the job done. All the breads came out wonderful and on time to be served. Some of the trigger ingredients were: gluten, soy, eggs, onions, poppy seeds and Parmesan cheese. During the bread process we were also in charge of making 4 Vanilla Genoise’s which is also known as a sponge cake for our upcoming Final practical. If I were to own my own bakery I would definitely have these two breads there due to the fact that they would go good with a nice Italian dish. My favorite item made was the onion rolls because of my love for them. All in all, this production day went very smooth and I was proud of all the hard work that was put in and the products we made.

Student sifting dry ingredients (besides sugar) for the Vanilla Genoise

Herbed French Bread prepped for baking after being in the proof box.

Onion Rolls in the oven



Homework #4

After reading Richard Whelan’s “Proving That Robert Capa’s ‘Falling Soldier’ is Genuine: A Detective Story” I still do not find his argument convincing enough to believe that Robert Capa’s photo wasn’t staged. His evidence was strong but when you take a longer look at the images and what others had to say it seemed more likely that the images were fake. The man’s body seemed too unrealistically moving for someone who has been shot. Also, his face expression is not of somebody that is in pain, rather he looks like he is relaxed. The person in the photograph is said to have been shot in the head, but where is the blood? This is more evidence that makes me believe this picture was staged. There are two pictures that Whelan uses to further explain his point, and the argument behind these pictures is that both photographs were taken of the same person and they have two completely various positions which makes it look staged. Whelan quickly proves that its not the same person due to their clothes, even though this may be true this still doesn’t prove that both the pictures couldn’t be staged again because there is no sign of pain in their faces nor is there blood to show they have been shot.

Homework #4

I find Richard Whelan article to be convincing, he came across many people to find a more accurate conclusion for Robert Capa’s image “The Falling Soldier.” Everyone he came across with gave a different point of view, like Gallaguer who assures that the photograph was staged. Gallagguer says that he shared a room with Capa and witnessed how Capa went out with a group of soldiers to stage the image. However, there was never evidence that could prove it. Then, Franks chief homicide detective of the Memphis Police Department analyzes the image and finds that the fingers from the left hand are curled toward the hand. That means his muscles went limp and the body was already dead when the picture was taken. It’s hard to tell whether was staged or not, I feel the arguments suggesting it was not staged are more convincing than the ones saying it was. I think whether it was or not staged does not really matter, the point of the image is to bring reality of the war to the people. All this image is showing is a man dying at war and people are aware that hundreds of soldiers die at war! What is different is that people don’t feel empathy for them since they can’t witness the actual war. Images like the “The Falling Soldier” or the “The Valley of the Shadow of Death” by Fenton both images of war times that whether staged or not bring reality of the war to the people.  

Baking Product Analysis Post


While visiting both bakeries, “Pain d’Epices” and “Poseidon Bakery” I had the great experience to explore flavors I never tried before. While one bakery was from France, the other was from Greek. Although they sale similar products, their themes and flavors totally differ. The products differences could be told by eye sight. However, as an overall perspective, both of the bakeries, were great with their services and products. 

Homework 4

I am certain the photo Falling Soldier by Robert Capa is real. From my observation, I know for a fact that certain things cannot be re-enacted. One observation was the fact that the soldiers legs were positioned in a falling motion that could not be staged. The fall looked completely inevitable and he looked as if his life was leaving his body through his legs. Another observation was the positioning of the gun. This could not possibly be fake because the gun was falling out of the soldiers hand. If this photo was staged, the soldier would have a better grip on the rifle. For example in the staged “Home of a Rebel Sharpshooter” by Gardener the gun was positioned upright to show the soldier died with dignity. Another observation is the simple falling position . The soldier was falling in mid air as if the bullet caught him off guard and took his balance. This could not be staged because the impact of the fall would hurt the actor or actress. A part in the article that can furthermore support my idea is that there was proof that Capa was there at that point in time to capture this photo. Capa had an alibi. When it comes to photography it is easy to fabricate now a Days but this photo is certainly real.