Homework 4

I am certain the photo Falling Soldier by Robert Capa is real. From my observation, I know for a fact that certain things cannot be re-enacted. One observation was the fact that the soldiers legs were positioned in a falling motion that could not be staged. The fall looked completely inevitable and he looked as if his life was leaving his body through his legs. Another observation was the positioning of the gun. This could not possibly be fake because the gun was falling out of the soldiers hand. If this photo was staged, the soldier would have a better grip on the rifle. For example in the staged “Home of a Rebel Sharpshooter” by Gardener the gun was positioned upright to show the soldier died with dignity. Another observation is the simple falling position . The soldier was falling in mid air as if the bullet caught him off guard and took his balance. This could not be staged because the impact of the fall would hurt the actor or actress. A part in the article that can furthermore support my idea is that there was proof that Capa was there at that point in time to capture this photo. Capa had an alibi. When it comes to photography it is easy to fabricate now a Days but this photo is certainly real.

HW #1 – Photography in Culinary Arts

Photography in society today, can potentially determine the success and serve as propaganda for a business. Having a photographer come and take photos of your plates, is a business in fact. Promotion in this day in age is essential to make money. For example , if there were no emails or commercials and posters about the IPhone X, I’m sure not as many individuals would have purchased this phone. A beautiful display and enhanced photo works in the exporters favor because what is appealing to ones eye eventually becomes appealing to their wallets as well. McDonalds is as successful as it is today because of their visuals. We see a Big Mac and fresh fries and we begin to crave it. I believe there is a science behind the lens; photos of appealing food is captivating.
When I open my own restaurant I will be taking many pictures of my plates. Taking these photos will not only motivate me to be much more creative in the long run but will also get my name and visuals of my work out to the public. I do understand that having these photos of my work will hold me to a certain expectation and I am willing to sacrifice that because social media is the future. If your plate does not match the picture you took then you will be frowned upon and you may lose business. Social media is very important and a large aspect of success.