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Homework #4 Robert Capa Response

In the wake of perusing “Richard Whelan’s exchange of Capa’s photo” I certainly discover his contentions persuading. His utilization of proof and commitment was persuading also. Precisely breaking down his photo, I don’t think his photograph was staged. The man’s body position looks reasonable as his back curve with the effect of the shot into his body. What’s more, the movement of the man’s arm/hand is uncovered by how he is grabbing his weapon. I certainly trust that its realness matters on the grounds that the picture is so genuine. It looks genuine! Subsequently, it wouldn’t be addressed by many. This picture helps me to remember the picture that demonstrated a trooper left in the middle of rocks. Both of the pictures representation precisely what war is extremely about. It was a dead body that had definitely no movement. Then again, Capa’s photo demonstrates the movement as it occurred. He purposely caught the picture at the ideal time and place. The weapon falling and having an effect, all enables the crowd to demonstrate that the picture was not organized. It certainly was a real photo taken in real time. The critics will believe what they want to believe about this photograph.

Emani Ahoua : Photography, Instagram, and the Food Industry

Emani Ahoua

Prof. Cheng

February 1, 2018


I feel that photography and food go hand and hand in this day and age. I do believe food is an art and should be considered as such, you make it, you have to plate it beautifully and sometimes you even design it as you would a painting so why not treat it as such with photography. I absolutely love taking pictures of my own food either when I make it or when I go out to eat. I want to share this amazing photo of food I created or food that I’m about to devour. It encourages others to want to try it. I usually post videos and pictures of food a bunch of my friends/followers leave comments on it saying “looks so good” and “I want some!!” it makes me feel really good about what I made or what I ate and encourages me to start my own foodie Instagram page which I will probably do this semester. When someone posts a picture or video of something that looks really tasty I’ll try and make it myself. I follow foodies on Instagram and 70% of where I go out to eat is based on what I saw someone post about. Social media’s impact on the food industry will continue to grow on food more and more in the future. Promoting different types of foods in different areas I believe Is a great career because you are sharing a really good experience with others so they can go see or try for themselves.