The Texture Of Bacon

There are few foods as sensual and appealing as bacon. The mere smell of it can take you by the nose and lead you across the house to the kitchen. It vaults anything from eggs to chocolate to Brussels sprouts to new levels of deliciousness.Bacon is from the pig belly, which is part of the loin. Fresh pig belly can be cooked in a variety of ways.When most people talk about bacon, they tend to talk more about its texture than its flavor. The usual adjectives used to describe bacon are crispy and chewy, salty and savory. Smoky is often mentioned, but rarely is bacon described as sweet.From the very first bite, texture and chewing play crucial roles in how much we enjoy food.The taste of bacon breaking down into their delicious combination of sweet, nutty, grassy and buttery flavors, but we also love the textural interplay known as mouthfeel.In short, it’s all about mouthfeel the natural synthesis that happens when we simultaneously taste, chew and experience a food’s texture. It’s that melt in your mouth ecstasy we experience when eating the perfect bite.

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