Final Grades are Posted

Photograph of a man's legs next to a jumping dog photographed in mid-jump

Elliot Erwin, Dog Jumping, Paris, France, 1989

Final Grades are posted on Blackboard and should appear on CUNYFirst soon. Congratulations on completing the semester at City Tech, and sharing your thoughts and photographs. This has been a fun learning community and we hope you will continue to get to know one another better as you progress through the HMGT program. Please continue to look and enjoy your well-deserved summer break! Jump for joy!

FYLC- Peer Mentor Updates

Hello All,

First off, I would like to apologize for my absence during the first few weeks of the semester, I have had a tough beginning of the semester due to a couple of personal situations, but I’m back on track and come with awesome news!! If you guys are interested in a great opportunity to serve the community and make a difference while also making $15 per hour, CUNY Service Corps extended their application deadline until March 18th 11:59pm. For more information visit   I look forward to working with you this semester. See you guys soon!


Peer Mentor.

Midterm Review Material

Babson Rock with quote "Be On Time" chiseled on stone, Dogtown, Gloucester, MA

Babson Rock with quote “Be On Time”, Dogtown, Gloucester, MA


This is a reminder that the midterm is on Monday March 19th at 11:30 am. Please arrive on time so that we can begin promptly. I have posted below the slide that notes the differences in characteristics between Pictorialist movement and the Straight Photography movement.

Table distinguishing characteristics between Pictorialism and Straight Photography movement

Also if you want to review the role of Alfred Stieglitz’s Photo Secession group on gaining recognition for the photography as a fine art, you may want to view the first 39 minutes of the documentary “Alfred Stieglitz: The Eloquent Eye.”


Art! Camera! Food! Looking at Food, Looking at Photography

André Kertész

André Kertész, Washington Square, New York, 1966

Welcome! If you’re here, then you’re probably enrolled in the “Art! Camera! Food!” Learning Community. We are three classes that will meet together in the Spring 2018 semester. All students are enrolled in Prof Cheng’s History of Photography ARTH1100-LC04 class and either Prof Zimmerman’s Culinary I HMGT 1203 or Prof Warner’s Baking & Pastry I HMGT 1204 class. This website is where you will find access to all materials for the History of Photography course and it is where you will submit some of your work. Although Professor Cheng will be grading your work on the OpenLab, Professors Zimmerman and Warner will be looking in too, as well as commenting and participating on our shared website. You will get many opportunities to think about what you produce in Culinary I and Baking & Pastry I in artistic terms, and better understand the history of the ever-changing medium of photography.

I look forward to meeting you in class. Look around, and check back often as I develop our class site, and please do not hesitate to contact me.

Professor Sandra Cheng