Robert Capa’s Death of a Loyalist Soldier ( RESPONSE )

It was a universal occurrence during the Spanish Civil War for photographs to be staged; because they did not have any freedom of movement and also unable to go to active fronts, , photographers resorted to pictures of soldiers feigning combat. Capa asserted that the photograph was taken at the battle site of Cerro Muriano, but research suggests it was taken in the town of Espejo,30 miles away. I think the photograph was staged because someone being shot would be in more pain and agony and would be in a agonizing posture falling to the ground. His facial expression was not dramatic as he had seen been in danger , This controversial arguments is in comparison to  Home Of The Rebel Sharpshooter by Matthew Brady which was also a photo taken in during war periods, which a dead solider rifles sits neatly beside him.In my perspective, those times I would not consider authenticity to matter because photographer did not have the tools and resources we have now to present certain type of photographs to the public and giving credit to them , they made the effort for people to have an understanding of what was happening during war by using these photos whether staged or real.

My baking experience was both great at Amy’s bread and also at Eataly FlatIron, however some characteristic was very different from the other . At Amys Bread the customer service was awesome but I did not like the appearance and display of the product but the product “The bronx was the product I purchased which I enjoyed very much it was tasteful and flavorable. At Eataly the customer service was great as they helped me with my preference of the bread but the product did not taste good , the topping threw off the flavor of the bread. The price were reasonable but at Eataly the price of the focaccia bread was cheaper, you pay for the quality of the product.

Looking Deeper ! by Hyheda Barrett

In this picture composition it speaks alot as you can identify the professionalism and neatness of this baker or cake designer. The person illustrated in this photo her dedication to careful time,effort and incorporated design of the cake which depicts the end product. In the background captured by the photographer she looks as if she works for a bakery that specialize in maybe wedding cakes and their end product is really what matter the most .She also looks organized based on the tools in the background. Looking closer you can also see other types of cake made presumingly by the same person. Her pose with this cake tells alot such as professionalism, very detailed individual, neat, organized and passionated about cakes in general.


Baking Muffins

Making Different Types of Muffin : Orange Cranberry Muffin,Berry Jam Muffin,Blueberry Muffin, Lemon Poppy Muffin, Corn Muffins

1.  Mixing (activating the gluten)

2. Fermentation ( allowing the yeast to act on the sugar)

3. Scaling ( cutting the dough into portion)

4. Benching (allowing the gluten to relax for a easier shape )

5. Makeup/Panning

6. Cooling and Storage


The Texture Of Bacon

There are few foods as sensual and appealing as bacon. The mere smell of it can take you by the nose and lead you across the house to the kitchen. It vaults anything from eggs to chocolate to Brussels sprouts to new levels of deliciousness.Bacon is from the pig belly, which is part of the loin. Fresh pig belly can be cooked in a variety of ways.When most people talk about bacon, they tend to talk more about its texture than its flavor. The usual adjectives used to describe bacon are crispy and chewy, salty and savory. Smoky is often mentioned, but rarely is bacon described as sweet.From the very first bite, texture and chewing play crucial roles in how much we enjoy food.The taste of bacon breaking down into their delicious combination of sweet, nutty, grassy and buttery flavors, but we also love the textural interplay known as mouthfeel.In short, it’s all about mouthfeel the natural synthesis that happens when we simultaneously taste, chew and experience a food’s texture. It’s that melt in your mouth ecstasy we experience when eating the perfect bite.