HW#1 Photography + Instagram + Food Industry

Carlos Cintron

2/3/2018 HW#1

I believe the use of social media in the hospitality industry plays a huge roll in its chances of success.It has evolved into something that brings in customers. People are traveling to places to eat somewhere they heared about through social media. If a celebrity posts or talks about your restuarant or hotel it could drastically change your business. Online photos give people a better idea of what your place has to offer and wether or not they should make the effort to go.

I always take photos of what i’m having at a restuarant, i post them onto snapchat or Instagram stories. Other people take photos and post them onto more permenant platforms like facebook, twitter, instagram, or blogs. I do it because i want the people who are watching my short videos to see some amazing food so that they could go try it in the future. I use different platforms for different reasons but for the most part its to share places, projects, and food. Its not just me lots of people do it now a days, its become such a reguler thing that quality has become the focus of popularity. Businesses are able to thrive with the right service, atmosphere, and food because people will be talking about it.

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