Homework #4

After reading Richard Whelan’s “Proving That Robert Capa’s ‘Falling Soldier’ is Genuine: A Detective Story” I still do not find his argument convincing enough to believe that Robert Capa’s photo wasn’t staged. His evidence was strong but when you take a longer look at the images and what others had to say it seemed more likely that the images were fake. The man’s body seemed too unrealistically moving for someone who has been shot. Also, his face expression is not of somebody that is in pain, rather he looks like he is relaxed. The person in the photograph is said to have been shot in the head, but where is the blood? This is more evidence that makes me believe this picture was staged. There are two pictures that Whelan uses to further explain his point, and the argument behind these pictures is that both photographs were taken of the same person and they have two completely various positions which makes it look staged. Whelan quickly proves that its not the same person due to their clothes, even though this may be true this still doesn’t prove that both the pictures couldn’t be staged again because there is no sign of pain in their faces nor is there blood to show they have been shot.

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