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In the poem titled “counterman” we come across a sandwich maker at a deli with an intense indiscernible passion for his job. Although going at a very fast paced the sandwich maker makes sure to carefully listen to each and every single order, while at the same time asking questions that would sued the customers need each customers need. He then comes across a very peculiar customer with an out off the ordinary order. Both inter changed an indescribable amount of terms and expressions that are abnormal to the average person. And in the midst of all the terminology the sandwich maker was able to understand and please the customers order.

This poem reminds me of the duties that we take on as we through the hospitality industry. Like the sandwich maker we must be able to provide with the much-needed attention and care at the fastest paste. And when we come across special cases, the consistency of our delivery should always be the same. Just a small conversation as such as the one that the customer and sandwich maker had, can make a great difference in customer hospitality experience.


Culinary Arts I Homework

I had never thought that a normal deli store conversation can become a poem until I read the “Counterman” in the last class. The whole poem is surrounded by how a counterman takes care of the different sandwich orders from the customers in a rush hour. We read the poem three times in the class. The more we read about it, the more intense of the feeling I get form the counterman.

As I was reading this poem, I think of the New York City deli stores. Most of the New Yorkers have a very busy life, so they do things quicker than others. Whenever you go to a deli store or fast food restaurant in lunch hours, you will see the counterman takes order as fast as they can because they want to save more time for the next customers. Paul Violi was born in the New York City, so he definitely understands the same feeling, hence he wrote this poem. I also feel like it is an amazing story for telling the people about the food industry as art through a poem.

Alison Yan, The Counterman

The poem “Counterman” by Paul Violi is a relatable poem.  In this poem there is two parts, each part is a dialog between the counterman and the customer.  The first customer sounds like he/she is just trying to get a simple sandwich.  The second customer sounds like he/she is ordering a fancy sandwich; he/she is describing like a piece of artwork.  To me these two customers in the deli project the people in New York City.

This poem is related to me because this sounds like the lifestyle in New York City. The two faces of New York City one is the fancy and sophisticated lifestyle and another is the quick and busy lifestyle.  When I am rushing to get somewhere I will be like the first customer ordering fast, in and out.  And other days I will want a to be sophisticated with a pinch of salt, a dash of ketchup.

“Crazy About Her Shrimp” Poem Reaction

“Crazy About her Shrimp” by Charles Simic is a poem that describes the experiences of a couple in an evening. They are crazy in love. This couple are not only in love with each other but also, in love with food. The most amazing part is that they both share the same fascination for food. Simic, described all the fun they have in the kitchen and how much fun they have with each other while cooking. I really like this poem because I like to relate a good experience with food too, and a good experience with love. After reading this poem, when this couple is sharing the same passion for food, it makes the experiences of food greater.


Paul Violi was a great and respected writer who wrote many poems. One of those poems was about food and the name of the poem is “Counterman”. This poem reminds me when i was young and just finished University with Tourism and Hospitality Degree. Because Violi talks about traveling in this poem which I love so much, and about food, my other favorite thing. In my point of view, a person who loves to travel like me and love food as well is the perfect person to read and talk about.

The author, described perfect what kind of food that the customer was ordering and also you as a reader, what kind of person they were. I could understanding this because each person that was ordering food was described by the vendor when he was asking question about the order. In this case, i am guessing their personality and where they came from. For example: the first orders was made maybe by a professional business person who does not have time to waste or a student who wants everything done immediately. The third and last client in the poem, i think this person is a woman who is very pick about everything, wealthy and traveled around the world because the vendor changed his vocabulary to accommodate this person. However, not just the client was well educated but the vendor too.

The Counterman Reaction

The poem “The Counterman” was extremely interesting and entertaining to me. I had never heard a poem like that before, so I found it really interesting that a poem was able to tell such a strong story and give vivid imagery. What was most interesting to me was how the author came up with the idea to write a poem about a Deli counterman. I think it is a really creative way to tell a story. Just from reading the poem in my head it is like I can hear all the different voices of the customers. The poem has a different tone and flow as you read through each customer’s order. All the counterman’s lines were short and repetitive which helped give a better sense of how fast and accurate he needs to be at his job.

This poem reminded me of exactly what happens when you go to a Deli in New York. The people behind the counter are always extremely attentive and fast with getting the order ready. This poem reminded me of the bagel store by my house on a Saturday morning. It is so hectic and crowded there. You have to know what you want and how you want it before you even walk into the door otherwise you’ll get lost in the sea of people who are waiting to pick up their food.

culinary poem

The poem” Counterman” by Paul Violi was very funny, in my opinion. I liked it when the whole class had to read each line because it made the poem stand out more. The poem reminded of when I use to order a veggie bacon, lettuce, and cheese sandwich (VBLC). The deli owner knew I was a vegetarian, so he always made sure to order veggie bacon personally for me.

As a sandwich maker, it is important to please and satisfy each customer, even if that means speaking the lingo of a religious customer. The first customer relates more to me, which is straight to the point. The second customer used words that most students in my class, including me, couldn’t pronounce. This sandwich maker definitely has experience with understanding what a customer has.



Upcoming Midterm

Richard Sandler, Grand Central Terminal, 1990

Richard Sandler, Grand Central Terminal, 1990 [via Time.com]

The midterm is on Monday Oct 24th, 11:30 am in Atrium 631. Because we begin with the slide id’s please make sure you arrive on time, otherwise you will not have a chance to go back if you miss the slide IDs. Come early!

Don’t forget to review the images on the short list, as well as the vocabulary words and terms from earlier slide lists. The exam format and image files are also uploaded under documents.

The processes for Part IV—Terminology section of the midterm are:

  • daguerreotype
  • wet-plate collodion process
  • calotype
  • gum bichromate process (gum print)
  • cyanotype
  • photogenic drawing

Here is an image on the differences between Pictorialism and Straight Photography:

pictorialism-vs-straight-photographyTo review the contributions of Alfred Stieglitz and the Photo Secession to the history of photography, you can watch the first 37 minutes of a documentary on Stieglitz, entitled The Eloquent Eye: https://youtu.be/w-wtfjEo8Qc.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions. Most importantly, ARRIVE ON TIME on Monday!

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