Robert Capa Homework Jessica Abate

I thought  Whelan’s argument overall was convincing about Robert Capa’s photo of the fallen soldier. I did not think his entire argument was convincing because some parts seemed like a stretch. He talked a lot about where Capa might have been when he took the photo and right before it, but that was all based on what other people said. There was no concrete visual evidence to prove what he was saying was true. His strongest point that was most convincing was talking about the positioning of the hand. That was visual evidence that scientifically makes sense and is not based on what someone else said or thinks.

I do not think this photo was staged. Based on what Whelan said about the placement of the hand and the look of the photo in general, I think Capa did take this photo as someone was dying. Also you can clearly see the mark in the man’s head. At that time, I do not think photographers had the ability to stage something that looks so realistic.

Regardless of what I think about the photo, I do think authenticity is important. Especially in this case it is important that photographers tell the truth about the photo. Capa’s entire career was based on this photo, if he lied his entire career was faked. He was most famous for taking the first photo of someone dying, so if that isn’t true he shouldn’t have deserved all the fame he got.

The Counterman Reaction

The poem “The Counterman” was extremely interesting and entertaining to me. I had never heard a poem like that before, so I found it really interesting that a poem was able to tell such a strong story and give vivid imagery. What was most interesting to me was how the author came up with the idea to write a poem about a Deli counterman. I think it is a really creative way to tell a story. Just from reading the poem in my head it is like I can hear all the different voices of the customers. The poem has a different tone and flow as you read through each customer’s order. All the counterman’s lines were short and repetitive which helped give a better sense of how fast and accurate he needs to be at his job.

This poem reminded me of exactly what happens when you go to a Deli in New York. The people behind the counter are always extremely attentive and fast with getting the order ready. This poem reminded me of the bagel store by my house on a Saturday morning. It is so hectic and crowded there. You have to know what you want and how you want it before you even walk into the door otherwise you’ll get lost in the sea of people who are waiting to pick up their food.

Homework #2- Civil War Food by: Jessica Abate

After reading both the articles on the diet of the soldiers during the Civil War, I am so surprised people survived as long as they did. The soldier’s diets were so poor that they should have been extremely under nourished. They were at a disadvantage from the start because they had very little cooking experience since during that time women did all the cooking. Whatever knowledge they did have was extremely basic. They were constantly on the run and putting their bodies through extreme physical conditions so, they needed to eat something that would fuel their body and replenish nutrients they lost, but they didn’t know how to do that. They ended up eating the same dish multiple times a day because that was all they knew how to cook. Also they had to cook the food extremely dry so they could preserve it for longer. Overall I think the soldiers would have had less energy to fight because their diet was so poor, but I guess there will to win over powered their undernourished bodies.

In the articles, I also found the obsession with coffee very surprising. As I read the article it did make a lot of sense as to why the soldiers loved it so much. Coffee was a lighthearted topic the soldiers could bond over and talk about. It was also something to look forward to during a very stressful time. Coffee helped remind the soldiers of home and keep them from completely losing their sanity. The soldiers became so addicted to coffee that it was the only thing they would be excited about.

The soldier’s obsession with coffee is something I understand completely. I love coffee img_1397-1and honestly wouldn’t be able to get through my day without it. Although I love coffee with all my heart, I think I would be more upset if I had to live without fruit. More than
50% of my diet is fruit, so if I no longer had access to any I would be beyond upset. I would not know what to eat to replace the fresh juicy flavor of fruit.


Culinary 1- Food Texture by: Jessica Abate

img_1319This is a picture of sautéed cheesy zucchini slices with corn I had for dinner. I sautéed the zucchini and corn in a pan with onions and a little oil. The outside of the zucchini is crispy but the inside was still soft and tender. The entire dish was covered with some shredded cheddar cheese. As I plated the dish the cheddar began to melt and drip down the sides of the pile of vegetables. The creaminess of the cheese worked really well with the crisp yet tender zucchini and the corn added a nice sweet fresh crunch to the dish.