Final Exam Short List and Terms

Almost time to celebrate! First let's finish finals week!

Almost time to celebrate! First let’s finish finals week!

Please note that the short list for the final exam is posted online under Photo Class Files/Slide Lists.  Also please be reminded that the extra credit for the class is due by Monday 12/12. These extra credit assignments are optional but must be submitted by 12/12/16 on Blackboard (look under Submit Papers).

The following are the terms for the Terminology section of the Final Exam.

Choose 3 of the following terms to discuss.  Write a few complete sentences defining the art movement and give an example.


Group f.64


Social Landscape

New Topographics

Pictures Generation

Upcoming Midterm

Richard Sandler, Grand Central Terminal, 1990

Richard Sandler, Grand Central Terminal, 1990 [via]

The midterm is on Monday Oct 24th, 11:30 am in Atrium 631. Because we begin with the slide id’s please make sure you arrive on time, otherwise you will not have a chance to go back if you miss the slide IDs. Come early!

Don’t forget to review the images on the short list, as well as the vocabulary words and terms from earlier slide lists. The exam format and image files are also uploaded under documents.

The processes for Part IV—Terminology section of the midterm are:

  • daguerreotype
  • wet-plate collodion process
  • calotype
  • gum bichromate process (gum print)
  • cyanotype
  • photogenic drawing

Here is an image on the differences between Pictorialism and Straight Photography:

pictorialism-vs-straight-photographyTo review the contributions of Alfred Stieglitz and the Photo Secession to the history of photography, you can watch the first 37 minutes of a documentary on Stieglitz, entitled The Eloquent Eye:

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions. Most importantly, ARRIVE ON TIME on Monday!

Art! Camera! Food! Looking at Food, Looking at Photography

Brittany Wright, pepper gradient
Image credit:

Welcome! If you’re here, then you’re probably enrolled in the “Art! Camera! Food!” Learning Community. We are three classes that will meet together in the Fall 2016 semester. All students are enrolled in Prof Cheng’s History of Photography ARTH1100-LC01 class and either Prof Garcelon’s Culinary I HGMT 1203 or Prof Jacus’s Baking & Pastry I HGMT 1204 class. This website is where you’ll submit much of your discussion and work for my History of Photography class. Although I’ll be grading your work, Professors Garcelon and Jacus will be looking in too, as well as commenting and participating. You will get many opportunities to think about what you produce in Culinary I and Baking & Pastry I in artistic terms, and better understand the history of the ever-changing medium of photography.

I look forward to meeting you in class. Look around, and check back frequently as I develop our class site, and please do not hesitate to contact me.