Art Camera Food FYLC Fall 2016

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Art Camera Food FYLC Fall 2016
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Hospitality Management, Humanities
Course Code
HMGT 1203/ HMGT 1204/ ARTH1100
Semester / Year
Fall 2016
Course Description

The Art! Camera! Food! Learning Community for HMGT students to explore the ever increasing art of gastronomy through the lens of digital media. This website is for students in Prof Garcelon’s Culinary I (Weds AM section), Prof Jacus’s Baking & Pastry I (Weds AM section), and Prof Cheng’s History of Photography (Mon section) classes.

Faculty: Kylie Garcelon (HMGT), Joanne Jacus (HMGT), and Sandra Cheng (ARTH)

This learning community explores the “art” in the culinary arts. Can we look at food in aesthetic terms of art, beauty, and taste? Can we appreciate food like a work of art? Our learning community is comprised of first-year Hospitality students in Culinary Arts I or Baking and Pastry I, join together in the History of Photography with a focus and a lens on food as art.

Increase the scope of your learning by enrolling in this exciting and ground breaking learning community. Meet and work with …… Connect with faculty across disciplines. Discover the interconnectedness of disciplines within the college and the worlds you will work in.
Gain a new ‘lens’ from which to view your chosen course of study!

Image credit: Brittany Wright, citrus gradient.

Acknowledgements: This course is based on the following course(s):

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