Homework #3

I believe Capa’s photo of the fallen solider is not staged because it is possible for the solider to get shot while Capa takes a picture of him since he is out in the open while the other soldiers are hiding. At first, I thought this photo was staged because it doesn’t show where he got shot but after seeing a photo of his position in the war, I believe it is not staged. I find Whelan’s argument convincing because he also provided photos to prove his point. In my opinion, I don’t think authenticity matters because every photo is unique in its own way, doesn’t matter if it’s authentic or not.

HW #3 – The Fallen Solider

Stephanie Aguayo

Homework #3

In the controversial 1936 photograph taken by Robert Capa, “The Fallen Solider” in the Spanish civil war, many people questioned the authenticity of this photograph. In the article of In Robert Capa: In Love and War by Robert Whelan he argues to come to a conclusion of how accurate the evidence is of this image. As I continued to read this article I found that the “The Fallen Solider” was convincing because the position of the solider was described as, “The Fact that the fingers are somewhat cured toward the palm clearly indicates that the man’s muscles have gone limp and that he is already dead.” This statement appeared to be convincing evidence to me and that this could not have been staged. Despite that, weather or not this photograph is authentic does not matter, simply because during that era capturing a man getting killed in a photograph was unseen before. “The Fallen Solider” photograph indicates the brutality of war and shows a man dying for his country. The image sent a message and gave the visual to civilians of what was actually occurring during the Spanish war—or war in general.

Falling Solider by Shara Bryan

First look at this photo and you would assume it’s staged. But this photo needs to be dissected and looked at closely for that to be determined. How could a photographer capture a photographer like this one? That’s was one of my first questions. I thought it was staged at first because of the angle of shot as well as how he was able to get a picture the second the solider was shot too. After reading the arguments about the image, Ive concluded that the image isn’t staged. Even though there is a few things that didn’t add up first like the general agreeing to stage bodies for them to take pictures of. That couldn’t have been the case though because this picture was taken during the time of the solider being shot, not after. This picture just couldn’t have been staged due to the position of the solider.

In closing, after reading the arguments and throughly examining the photo, I do believe that the photo is authentic and I do agree with Richard Welan’s arguements.

Alison Yan, Culinary Week 14

This was our last production week together in culinary class.  I had a wonderful time cooking with everyone and learning more about each other.  I have met the goals that I set at the beginning of the semester.  My goal was to learn about different cooking techniques.  I have learned about French cuisine.  The semester went by so quickly and I will definitely miss everyone.  I hope everyone succeeds in the next semester and in the major.



Espagnole Sauce


Rice Pilaf


Chicken Chasseur


Marinated Beef


Grilling Beef


Grilled Beef


Marinated Grilled Beef


Marinated Grilled Beef with Espagnole Sauce


Chicken Chasseur with Rice Pilaf

Falling Soldier

Capa’s photograph, Death of a Loyalist Soldier,was not staged. The way the body fell and the placement of both hands made the image real. If a person falls, human instincts to place your hand down to support your fall. This soldier’s hands were at his sides and plus he was holding his riffle. In Whelan’s discussion, a Captain told the fact that the fingers are somewhat curled toward the palm clearly indicates that the man’s muscles have gone limp and that he is already dead. It is nearly impossible for any conscious person to resist the reflex impulse to brace his fall by flexing his hand strongly backward at the wrist and extending his fingers out straight.

Alison Yan, Homework #3 Robert Capa

Loyalist Militiaman at the Moment of Death, Cerro Muriano, September 5, 1936

Loyalist Militiaman at the Moment of Death, Cerro Muriano, September 5, 1936

Robert Capa’s photograph of a Falling Soldier raises questions to the authenticity of the photograph.  The photograph of a falling solider looks staged to me, because a lot of elements in this picture look too perfect, or not detailed enough.  The position when the solider fell does not appear to be a natural position, rather, it looks like he was in an ‘I’m ready to fall’ pose.  If the solider is getting shot at during this exact moment, the view does not hint at where the bullet hit, nor is there a detailed information about the picture.  There was talk about gathering soldiers to take a posed photograph.  Because taking pictures in open fire is dangerous, it is the reason why war photography is a really hard field to tackle.  I think Robert Capa’s works are very commendable, but whether or not his photographs are an accurate depiction of times of war.  Also, whether or not his photographs represent a wartime masterpiece or they are staged war photographs, only he would know the truth.

It is hard to know if what we are shown is authentic or not.  If we are not a primary witness, we don’t know what happened. It is the same as listening to an oral tale.  The photographer is a primary witness, that we know, because the photographer is at the scene to take the pictures.  So when seeing photographs, people tend to think it is real, that the event did happen without a doubt, as it is.  But because things are captured by one person, the photographer, they can easily fabricate the event, and tamper with their own work.  People would not know the truth unless they are told, or until they are proven right or wrong.  Having a camera is a powerful weapon and tool to capture the truth.  Now that I think back on the pictures, I realize that I question the authenticity of how much was the actual truth and how much was staged, like a photoshoot.