HW #3 – The Fallen Solider

Stephanie Aguayo

Homework #3

In the controversial 1936 photograph taken by Robert Capa, “The Fallen Solider” in the Spanish civil war, many people questioned the authenticity of this photograph. In the article of In Robert Capa: In Love and War by Robert Whelan he argues to come to a conclusion of how accurate the evidence is of this image. As I continued to read this article I found that the “The Fallen Solider” was convincing because the position of the solider was described as, “The Fact that the fingers are somewhat cured toward the palm clearly indicates that the man’s muscles have gone limp and that he is already dead.” This statement appeared to be convincing evidence to me and that this could not have been staged. Despite that, weather or not this photograph is authentic does not matter, simply because during that era capturing a man getting killed in a photograph was unseen before. “The Fallen Solider” photograph indicates the brutality of war and shows a man dying for his country. The image sent a message and gave the visual to civilians of what was actually occurring during the Spanish war—or war in general.

HW #2 – Civil War

My love for coffee and food are both equal, but if I were given the choice whether to give up food or coffee, I would give up coffee. The benefits of choosing food outweigh the choices of coffee in my opinion. Food is a very important essential that provides us with energy throughout the day and it is needed to survive. Food carries necessary vitamins and nutrients that our body needs. Also, food has a lot of variety to choose from and it’s very delicious.

Unfortunately, those during the Civil war, soldiers were very limited in their food supply and resources, but their main necessity was coffee during that era. Based off of these articles I find it so fascinating that the civil war soldiers consumed a staggering amount of coffee throughout their day. I definitely assumed that the main food supply of consumption would have been mainly bread. I am very thankful that I am not limited in my supply and resources when it comes to coffee or food. I have such a love for food, but my guiltiest pleasure of them all would be potato chips. Despite the lack of health benefits that majority of chips may have I can’t resist the crunchy and saltiness it has to offer.


Homework #1 – Texture

Many can enjoy this bright red, heart-shaped summer fruit. At first glance, you can see bumps and grooves of this tasty and delicate fruit. Embedded in it, you can see tiny brown seeds decorating this natural delicacy. Its small plump figure has a very unique and inviting appearance. Once in your hand, you can feel its smooth bumps and its soft yet grainy peel. Flipping it over you now hold its fragile leaf and bite into this fruits rounded tip. As you break through the strawberry you feel its juice running on your tongue. The bittersweet flavor excites your taste buds and the crunch of the seeds on your teeth along with the firm pressure of the lumps makes you see just how tasteful nature can be.

img_9218 img_9217 strawberry