Alison Yan, Culinary Week 14

This was our last production week together in culinary class.  I had a wonderful time cooking with everyone and learning more about each other.  I have met the goals that I set at the beginning of the semester.  My goal was to learn about different cooking techniques.  I have learned about French cuisine.  The semester went by so quickly and I will definitely miss everyone.  I hope everyone succeeds in the next semester and in the major.



Espagnole Sauce


Rice Pilaf


Chicken Chasseur


Marinated Beef


Grilling Beef


Grilled Beef


Marinated Grilled Beef


Marinated Grilled Beef with Espagnole Sauce


Chicken Chasseur with Rice Pilaf

Alison Yan Culinary Week 10

Week 10 was soup week. We learned how to make consummé, French onion soup, Manhattan clam chowder, mushroom barley, potage créçy, purée dubarry and purée split pea

Week 10

Consummé Soup

Week 10

Simmer Onions in Stock

Week 10

French Onion Soup

Week 10

Manhattan Clam Chowder, Mushroom Barley, Potage Créçy, Purée Dubarry and Purée Split Pea

Alison Yan, Culinary Week 9

Week 9 was breakfast week. We learned how to make french omelet, hollandaise sauce, egg benedict. Individual teams made waffles, vegetable fitters or fruit fitters. Being a breakfast cook feels simple and easy but it is also fast paced because the customers will want their breakfast still hot and not cold when it is served to them.

Week 9

French Omelet

Week 9

Hollandaise Sauce

Week 9

Egg Benedict

Week 9

Waffles, Vegetable Fritter and Fruit Fritter

Culinary Arts I Homework

I had never thought that a normal deli store conversation can become a poem until I read the “Counterman” in the last class. The whole poem is surrounded by how a counterman takes care of the different sandwich orders from the customers in a rush hour. We read the poem three times in the class. The more we read about it, the more intense of the feeling I get form the counterman.

As I was reading this poem, I think of the New York City deli stores. Most of the New Yorkers have a very busy life, so they do things quicker than others. Whenever you go to a deli store or fast food restaurant in lunch hours, you will see the counterman takes order as fast as they can because they want to save more time for the next customers. Paul Violi was born in the New York City, so he definitely understands the same feeling, hence he wrote this poem. I also feel like it is an amazing story for telling the people about the food industry as art through a poem.

Alison Yan, The Counterman

The poem “Counterman” by Paul Violi is a relatable poem.  In this poem there is two parts, each part is a dialog between the counterman and the customer.  The first customer sounds like he/she is just trying to get a simple sandwich.  The second customer sounds like he/she is ordering a fancy sandwich; he/she is describing like a piece of artwork.  To me these two customers in the deli project the people in New York City.

This poem is related to me because this sounds like the lifestyle in New York City. The two faces of New York City one is the fancy and sophisticated lifestyle and another is the quick and busy lifestyle.  When I am rushing to get somewhere I will be like the first customer ordering fast, in and out.  And other days I will want a to be sophisticated with a pinch of salt, a dash of ketchup.

“Crazy About Her Shrimp” Poem Reaction

“Crazy About her Shrimp” by Charles Simic is a poem that describes the experiences of a couple in an evening. They are crazy in love. This couple are not only in love with each other but also, in love with food. The most amazing part is that they both share the same fascination for food. Simic, described all the fun they have in the kitchen and how much fun they have with each other while cooking. I really like this poem because I like to relate a good experience with food too, and a good experience with love. After reading this poem, when this couple is sharing the same passion for food, it makes the experiences of food greater.