Alison Yan, Culinary Week 9

Week 9 was breakfast week. We learned how to make french omelet, hollandaise sauce, egg benedict. Individual teams made waffles, vegetable fitters or fruit fitters. Being a breakfast cook feels simple and easy but it is also fast paced because the customers will want their breakfast still hot and not cold when it is served to them.

Week 9

French Omelet

Week 9

Hollandaise Sauce

Week 9

Egg Benedict

Week 9

Waffles, Vegetable Fritter and Fruit Fritter

One thought on “Alison Yan, Culinary Week 9

  1. A great collection of breakfast photos Alison, capturing what we accomplished in class.
    Professional breakfast cookery can be a deceiving type of challenge.Eggs are incredibly complex ingredients!
    Prof. G.

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