Homework #3 Robert Capa

I thought that was a staged picture when I first saw “Death of a Loyalist Soldier.” After I read Robert Whelan’ s discussion of Capa’ s photograph, I still think the photo is real. Whelan’ s argument in somehow is convincing. Here are few reasons which made me felt the photograph is staged, including the place information had never been mentioned, people were saying that the soldier who is in Capa’s photo also appears on another photography where published in a magazine, and the timing when Capa captured that soldier’s falling moment. If a soldier gets shot, the body will fall immediately and as soon as possible, so there will be no time left for a photographer to press the shutter. But as what Whelan said in his argument, Capa prepared himself for taking any upcoming photograph, so that is why he could capture this moment without the soldier totally falls down on the ground. There is why Capa had made the greatest war photographs.

Overall I don’t think the authenticity matter. No matter The “Death of a Loyalist Soldier” is staged or real, the intention of Capa taking this photograph has been well knowing to the public. People have a sense of what have happened and how these soldiers sacrifice in war through viewing this picture is enough already. It is unnecessary for arguing between the fakery and reality.

Culinary Arts I Homework

I had never thought that a normal deli store conversation can become a poem until I read the “Counterman” in the last class. The whole poem is surrounded by how a counterman takes care of the different sandwich orders from the customers in a rush hour. We read the poem three times in the class. The more we read about it, the more intense of the feeling I get form the counterman.

As I was reading this poem, I think of the New York City deli stores. Most of the New Yorkers have a very busy life, so they do things quicker than others. Whenever you go to a deli store or fast food restaurant in lunch hours, you will see the counterman takes order as fast as they can because they want to save more time for the next customers. Paul Violi was born in the New York City, so he definitely understands the same feeling, hence he wrote this poem. I also feel like it is an amazing story for telling the people about the food industry as art through a poem.

Homework #2: Civil War soldier’s diet

If I had a choice, I would rather keep food than coffee. Coffee has a long history in the United States. When people are getting more knowledgeable, they start noticing the bad influence of caffeine to our human health. However, by reading the two articles about Civil War soldier’s diet, I can understand their uncontrollable love for coffee. The soldiers were living in a tough environment, the government couldn’t provide the soldiers with enough amount of food or any tasteful food. They live on the battlefield with fear but they couldn’t get enough energy from the lack of food supply. Therefore, the union soldiers put their hopes on coffee to enrich their taste bud and mind. The coffee not only keeps them awake from the tiredness, but also it was the only warm drink that could comfort their minds after coming back from the battlefield. It’s not a choice they willing to make, and also they weren’t having a choice to begin with.

Food is the only real item that can provide nutrition and health to human body. Too much intake of the caffeine can cause problems to the human body. Sometimes people keep on drinking coffee because they lack energy and tiredness continue to hinder the productivity in their jobs. However, the results of caffeine intake put a big burden on the body. If it’s me, I rather eat well, sleep early, and get the full energy to work or study than using coffee as a stimulant for energy.

The image that I post is Korean food. Even though it is just a simple soup with the white rice and two small side dishes, I still cannot live without Korean food in my life because I like the culture a lot.

korean food

HW #1: Texture

wood fired oven

This is the main dish that I had for dinner in the Industry kitchen. It is called Oven-Poached Shrimp, Cod, and Clams with Chorizo. As you see the name, these main ingredients are all listed. It also comes with the red pepper aioli, Anaheim peppers, fresh tomato and three pieces of focaccia on top. It is just a simple oven cooked seafood dish, but the three pieces of Italian bread make the dish look more classy. The texture of focaccia is rich, slightly chewy and it’s a little bland. However, when you deep it with the aioli, it tastes more delicious. The seafood tastes soft and the oven cooked method keeps them in the original flavor. This combination helps the dish increases its dining level.