Homework #3 Robert Capa

I thought that was a staged picture when I first saw “Death of a Loyalist Soldier.” After I read Robert Whelan’ s discussion of Capa’ s photograph, I still think the photo is real. Whelan’ s argument in somehow is convincing. Here are few reasons which made me felt the photograph is staged, including the place information had never been mentioned, people were saying that the soldier who is in Capa’s photo also appears on another photography where published in a magazine, and the timing when Capa captured that soldier’s falling moment. If a soldier gets shot, the body will fall immediately and as soon as possible, so there will be no time left for a photographer to press the shutter. But as what Whelan said in his argument, Capa prepared himself for taking any upcoming photograph, so that is why he could capture this moment without the soldier totally falls down on the ground. There is why Capa had made the greatest war photographs.

Overall I don’t think the authenticity matter. No matter The “Death of a Loyalist Soldier” is staged or real, the intention of Capa taking this photograph has been well knowing to the public. People have a sense of what have happened and how these soldiers sacrifice in war through viewing this picture is enough already. It is unnecessary for arguing between the fakery and reality.

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